August 23, 2017


Provo MTC



Week 1: Arrival

Konnichiwa Minna-san!

What a wonderfully busy week it has been! Those first few days were a bit of a whirlwind, but I think i'm starting to get into the rhythm of it now!

So, Day one we had a few classes, one of which was 3 hours of Nihongo dake (only Japanese), which was great! I was a bit surprised by the fact that they expected everyone to just pick up the Nihongo, since many of the people in my district have not had any previous Nihongo Benkyou, but the gift of tongues kicks in pretty quick.

It's really hard for me to think back to what happened in the first few days, because it seems like so long ago. I remember getting to introduce myself to my companion Eddington-choro in Nihongo, and we became friends almost instantly. I already feel like I knew him, so it has been incredibly easy to get along. Lucky for me Eddington-choro loves to sing and does it well, so we've gone to chorus and have been singing hymns every day! He was randomly selected on day one to be the DL for the fist 3 weeks of our stay at the MTC, so I have had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with the other companionships in our district. I love everyone so much, and I have been so impressed by their spiritual strength.

I've had the opportunity to go to a couple of devotionals in my week here, and they have been the 2 best devotionals of my entire life. There was a MTC talk given by Elder Bednar a few years back entitled "The Character of Christ" that they show to all the new missionaries on their first Sunday. It was legitimately the greatest talk I have ever had the pleasure of listening to! I've been told that it's impossible to find outside of the MTC, so that's too bad. Man-oh-man was the Spirit there testifying that this is the true gospel!

One of the most incredible things that has happened since getting here is that we have already taught 3 lessons to an investigator in Nihongo! Let me repeat that. Eddington-choro, a man with all of 0 hours previous experience in the language, and I have taught 3 thirty minute lessons in the last 7 days with a 4th scheduled for later today. That is absolutely insane!!! My companion is able to pray, bare his testimony, and read scripture all in Nihongo after a few days of studying the language. Some of the things he's shared in our lessons are things that I couldn't even say after a full semester of Japanese at BYU. I testify to you that the Gift of Tongues is so real, and, while it doesn't instantly give you the ability to speak with perfect grammar or make vocabulary words appear out of thin air, it gives you the skills you need to be able to communicate the truth of the gospel to the hearts of your brothers and sisters. I know that I have seen miraculous things already, and I am only a week out on my mission. I so look forward to everything that is still to come!

Fun fact, the card that they gave me to allow me to legally serve as missionary in Japan (this will supposedly allow me to go into hospitals to bless people, and other such things) says that I will be released as a missionary on August 23rd 2019, so see you all in 2 years from today!



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