March 25, 2019


Shimogamo, Kyoto


Kaleb Scott Hoopes

Week 82: ramen eating record shattered in Shimogamo

Here's a couple things that have happened recently.

-We had a wonderful Zone Conference with some great trainings from president and Sister Smoot. I was able to learn a little bit more about the tools that we have as missionaries to share the Gospel, as well as how we need to take time to plan opportunities and situations to implement those wonderful tools we've been given.

-We had a koukan with the Elders in Otsu and it was good. I got to meet with one of there investigators who is preparing for Baptism. We had a picnic with that investigator and a member, which was a lot of fun. We also got to go to a very delicious yakiniku restaurant. Which is the first time I've been to a yakiniku restaurant in I think a year.

-we went out to eat at a very popular ramen restaurant with our ward mission leader. It was all you can eat, and he challenged mine and hoopes choro's ability to eat more than him. At this restaurant you can have unlimited refills on noodles, and they have seven different styles of noodles that you can order. I ended up getting seven refills and eating all seven different types of noodles. That was apparently a new record for Shimogamo, so our ward mission leader was impressed.

- we had a lesson with one of our friends recently, and we introduced baptism to him. He said that when he finishes reading the Book of Mormon he'll probably get baptized. We haven't set a specific date yet, but I have high hopes for him. His English name is Carlyle. He's a very cool guy.

I've recently been studying a lot about charity and love in the Book of Mormon, and it has been jam packed with beautiful revelation. One thing that I'd like to touch on. In Moroni chapter 7 verse 46 it says "Wherefore, my beloved brethren, if ye have not charity, ye are nothing, for charity never faileth. Wherefore, cleave unto charity, which is the greatest of all, for all things must fail".

I've been thinking a little about the prase if ye have not charity ye are nothing. I find it to be very interesting. The scripture goes on to define charity as the "pure love of christ" which means that, if we put a more positive spin on the previous phrase, in order for us to become something we need to have love. Not only that, but we need to have a love akin to the Love that Christ has for us.

I have a quick analogy. Let's say you have an iPhone X. It has an absolutely gorgeous design, beautiful screen, and the potential to do a lot of incredible things. So, you have this iPhone X, a true wonder of technology, but it's missing its battery. What can it do? Nothing. It had all the potential in the world, but without a battery It might as well be used as a paperweight because its worthless. The pure love of Christ, or charity, is like the battery that enables us to do incredible things. It's the energy that enables our potential, and it is the power that pulls us towards perfection.

I know that God has given us many ways to develop this necessary gift, and I know that one of those ways is through applying the principles found in the Book of Mormon. It is an incredible guide that can take you through the trials of live and bring you closer to God. I love it and know that it is truly the word of God.

God bless.
All the best.
Ttyl, in a bit!

With best regards,


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