October 15, 2018




Foster choro

Week 59: planes, trains, and automobiles

We spent a lot of time this week traveling around the mission. It was fun, but we didn't get to do too much work in our own area. Here are the areas that we spent a little bit of time in this week: Akashi, Kobe (mission home and stuff), Marugame, Matsuyama, and finally Uwajima. Along with the regular forms of missionary travel (Walking, biking, buses, and trains) we also had the opportunity to fly in a plane! It was crazy! Perks of being assigned to work in literally the farthest area from the mission home. It's actually cheaper to fly there for meetings.

-when we were on a train headed to the mission home, we talked to a girl from Germany who is going to university in Kobe. She did a home stay in Utah with some members of Jesus Christ's restored church (hey, that's us!). We talked about missionary work and got to know her little bit.

-TTTM was great. We learned about the process for forging a katakana, and how the Safe-guards for using technology will turn us into kendo masters... You had to be there.

-we went to matsuyama for district meeting. Elder Foster and I got there early. Nobody was there to unlock the church, so we decided to try to hand out some copies of the Book of Mormon. We were able hand out a copy before district meeting. The rest of our district still hadn't made it to the church yet, so we kept talking to people and ended up meeting one of the matsuyama sister's investigators. We talked to her for like 30 minutes, and then the rest of our district arrived. It was pretty interesting.

-we had four investigators come to general conference with us this last weekend. That was really nice.

-we found out that our branch president has a daughter and that she is going to be leaving to serve a mission in Sapporo, Japan in 2 weeks. Didn't even know that he had a daughter, so that was a bit of a surprise. She wanted to know how good the cameras on these tablets are, so she grabbed my companions tablet and took a selfie. She looked at it and was like, eh not great. And then walked away. That was pretty funny.

I've come to realize how much we need Jesus Christ as I've observed the lives of people that have no idea who he is. It's so easy to take for granted the wonderful gift and blessing a knowledge of the Gospel really is. It gives us hope and Joy that cannot be found from worldly things. Jesus really is the Light and Life of the world. He is my hope, and in Him I rejoice.

God bless.
All the best.
Ttyl, in a bit!

With best regards,


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