October 8, 2018




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Week 58: jump ropes, koukans, and the daily (non-spiritual)life of the average monk

Today we volunteered at a jump roping event for kids. It was way fun but took up a lot of time. Tomorrow we get to fly to Kobe (yeah, we're so far away from the mission home that it's cheaper to fly) for TTTM (Trainee Trainer Training Meeting). So, it's going to be another busy week here in the most rural area in the Japan Kobe mission.

-My companion is the best. He's fearless, motivated, and his Japanese rocks for a 1st transfer. Just wanted to let you all know that he's amazing!

-we found an investigator the hour before church started yesterday. She was the last house that we knocked Saturday night. We explained our message and then offered her a copy of the Book of Mormon. We then found out that she's Chinese and speaks way good Japanese, but isn't confident in her reading ability. That's okay, we happen to have a Chinese Book of Mormon waiting in the genkan of our apartment just for you! So we asked if we could come back the next day. She said that was fine and to come back around 9 in the morning. We stopped by, read the introduction with her, set up a follow-up appointment to talk about the Restoration, and made it back to the church in time to greet everyone before sacrament meeting.

-we had a koukan in Imabari. My companion was with Elder Hoki, one of my favorite elders back from our days in the MTC (actually you're all my favorites 😉) , and I was with Elder Sene 🇧🇷. The Imabari elders are great.

-I received a 作務衣 (samue) from Elder Hoki that was just my size. A 作務衣 is defined as "a monks working cloths, or a monks non-spiritual clothes" in our dictionary. The only time I'm not doing spiritual work (representing the Lord, Jesus Christ) is when I'm sleeping, so I decided to use them as my pajamas. I feel very Japanese when I sleep now.

-Elder Sene had a funny contact with 94 year old lady. We showed her a picture of Jesus Christ and asked her who he was. She didn't know. We read 3 Nephi 17:7-8 and testified that Jesus has power to heal us both physically and spiritually. She then said that she's really healthy for a 94 year old and doesn't even need to visit the hospital very frequently. Then she said she had to go... but stayed seated in her walker/portable seat 🙃

-taught a pretty solid restoration lesson on koukan to an investigator that the Imabari elders found a couple of days before. The lesson went really well. Teaching the Restoration is fun.

Other stuff happened, and the long and short of it is that I'm a missionary and every day the Lord sees fit to guide the work and bless us for our small bit of participation. Too many miracles to count or even recognize. But maybe next week I'll have more time to share them with you all. General Conference is next Sunday here in Japan. My mom already sent me some spoilers. For the last 8 months I've been serving in branches that only had two hours of church anyway, so I wasn't all that surprised. It works well, and im excited for the additional resources to emphasize gospel study in the home. Our prophet, his counselors, and the quorum of the twelve apostles are truly inspired men.

God bless.
All the best.
Ttyl, in a bit!

With best regards,


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