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Week 57: A purple haired Angel and the Impossible 40

We're always busy. Always. But, we're having a good time and learning a lot, so that's all that matters. Here's the low down:

-This week we had Zone conference. Since we are the furthest area in the mission from pretty much everything, Zone conference ended up being a three day event for us.

-President Smoot's mother and two sisters were in Japan last week, so they ended up coming to our Zone Conference. It was a really unique experience. They all shared their testimonies of the gospel with us. President Smoot's mom used to be General Relief Society president, so hearing from her was pretty powerful. Also, at the young age of 84 (or something around that), she has a posterity to rival President Nelson with 7 children, 52 grandchildren, and 94 great-grandchildren. I might be off by a grandchild or two, but it's a pretty big family!

-the night before Zone conference, my companion and I and about 14 other elders stayed in the old Okayama mission home. It's a giant building, but right now only the two Okayama Elders are living there. Anyway, my companion and most of the other Elders decided to sleep up on the roof. They all took their futons up to the roof and spent the night up there. Luckily none of them sleep walk.....

-we got back from Okayama on Thursday, and I realized that I had left the keys to the apartment in Imabari. We stayed the night there as well. (Like I said, three days and mostly traveling). In an uncharacteristically responsible move, I had decided to lock the apartment since we would be gone for so Many days. So, I said a prayer and started looking for ways to break into our apartment. In the middle of me checking to see if any windows were left unlocked, a purple haired old lady appeared out of nowhere and asked what we were doing. Being honest representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ, we explained in broken Japanese that we were trying to break into the apartment, because we forgot our keys back in Imabari. She tells us to wait a minute, disappears, and then comes back with spare keys to our apartment. Turns out that she was the landlady that I've never met, never seen, nor knew existed. God answers prayers in mysterious ways.

-because we were out of our area for half of the week, we didn't have a lot of time for finding. Then, on Thursday we had back-to-back service projects that took up all our time until 9:00 at night. The zone leaders had set a goal for every companionship to have 50 meaningful contacts for the week by Sunday. Friday rolls around and we have only 10 and a pretty busy schedule of other non-finding activities to do on Friday and Saturday. This left us with a total of maybe 4 total hour over those two days to have meaningful conversations where we testfy of a gospel principle and invite them to act on what they learned-----with 40 people. So, we said a prayer and got to work! Then, an incredible thing happened. Literally, the first 4 people that we stopped on the street accepted copies of the Book of Mormon. We ended up with 40 meaningful contacts in those 2 days, allowing us to accomplish the goal set by our wonderful zone leaders. Miracles really do happen!

-talked to a man on the street about God. He told us that our God doesn't exist, and the reason he knew that was because God has never once appeared on the earth. Then he said Buddha was a real person でしょう. Then we were like, actually our message is that God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared to a boy named Joseph Smith in 1820 and that the Book of Mormon is evidence of that. He laughed and said I know you Mormons, and then repeated his previous statement about how God's never appeared to anyone. We repeated what we told him in slightly different Japanese----because maybe he hadn't understood when we explained to him the truth the first time. He then repeated his statement for a third time. We realized that he was just refusing to listen to what we had to say, because he thought he had already disproven Christianity. It was pretty sad to hear, but it also made me grateful for the knowledge that I have that God the Father has shown himself to man, that He speaks to us today through our prophet, and that Jesus Christ is His son and our Savior. This knowledge truly is the truth that will set you free.

That's all the time that we have for this week. Love you all. Until next time.

God bless.
All the best.
Ttyl, in a bit!

With best regards,


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