September 10, 2018




Crail choro

Week 54: raining cats and dogs

It's almost like every week in the mission field is going to be busy and filled with too many events and miracles to share in a single short weekly email. But, I'll try to write a few of the things that happened this week.

-it's been raining a lot here in Uwajima. Gotta love the rain. There was also a typhoon. It didn't really hit us here, though I heard it was pretty bad up in Osaka.

-we had a district conference up in matsuyama. The conference was great, and the talks were amazing! We had a couple of investigators come as well which was great.

-one of our members took us out to sushi again. It was really tasty and a great opportunity to build a better relationship with him.

-we found a couple of new people to teach and were able to hand out a few copies of the Book of Mormon. We met a man around our age from Vietnam who has a bit of interest, and we just so happened to have a Vietnamese Book of Mormon with us to give to him. Coincidence?🤔 I think not 😉

-the new book Saints came out, and its wonderful. It was really interesting, and I recommend each of you to give it a read when you have time.

-we had a really great lesson with two of our investigators in a McDonald's. Neither one of them had really been reading the Book of Mormon, so we just started talking about what they wanted out of life. As we discussed life with them, with every new topic I opened up the Book of Mormon and shared a scripture that answed a question they had. After a few scriptures they both pulled out their notebooks and started writing down references. The Book of Mormon changes lives and answers our questions.

Well, that's going to be it for this week's email.

Love you all. Keep up the Good work. Until next week.

God bless.
All the best.
Ttyl, in a bit!

With best regards,

Bayless choro


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