September 3, 2018




Crail choro

Week 54: Jesus is a pretty big guy

This week was pretty good. There's always so much that happens in the span of a week that I'm not sure what to focus on,but I'll try to include most of the really interesting things. Here's the run down:

-this week one of the members of our branch had to go to the hospital, so we visited him. He's doing pretty well now. We played some shogi with him in his hospital room for a bit. It was a good time.

-we were talking in our eikaiwa class about ways to practice English outside of class, and I suggested Duolingo. Pretty much nobody in the class knew what Duolingo was, so I showed them the app on my tablet and explained it a little bit. The students saw that I was learning, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Esperanto on Duolingo, and then one of the students started speaking to me in German. She was really good at German, and also happened to be one of the members in our branch. Still don't know why she's fluent in German.

-we had a koukan this week, and I was with Sene choro. He's from Brazil. He learned most of his English from Duolingo since coming to the mission. He's a way cool guy.

-On the koukan we were trying to find where a member was working, but the address she gave us didn't show up on Google maps. We started knocking on houses and asking people if they new her. Didn't work out too well. Then we saw this ten year old kid playing his DS and walking down the street. We stopped and talked with him for a bit. Talked about what game he was playing and stuff. Then we asked if he new the member. He didn't, so we ended the conversation. Shortly after, he called out to us from across the street and asked, "Are you guys Christian?" We were like "yea" and then he raised his hand and said "I know you guys!. We walked back and talked to him a bit more, gave him a flyer, and asked him to give it to his parents for us. He was a way funny kid.

-A while ago we got to do some really great service in an area that was damaged by the recent flooding. We went and ripped out the walls and the floor boards of a water damaged house so they could fix it up and make it livable again. It was an all day gig, and it was way fun.

-also on koukan, Sene choro and I were biking back from an area that's pretty far away. We were biking towards this big mountain that we were going to have to climb over to get home when this approximately 75 year old lady speeds past us on what has to be one of the first bikes ever made. She's flying at around 25, looks my companion in the eye, and yells out in English "where you going? ". Both my companion and I are confused but quickly reply "Uwajima". And then, as she and her ancient bike are inexplicably forcing us to eat her dust, she yells out "FOLLOW ME!!!". We bike to catch up with her, and after about 250 meters she comes to a very sudden stop, pulls off to the side, and says "you're going pretty far. Good luck." She then walked down an alleyway and disappeared forever.

-I was in an elevator with a bunch of Japanese dudes that we didn't know. It was the usual type of awkward elevator silence until one of the Japanese guys looks me up and down and says 「イエス様はめっちゃ大きいね。」which essentially translates to "Jesus is a pretty big guy". I just said "yep" and then walked out of the elevator. The average Japanese person may not have a testimony of Jesus, but there's at least one guy here in the Uwajima area that now knows Jesus is taller than the average Japanese man. I think my work here is done 🙃

I think that's about it for this week. Just want to let you all know that I'm really grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary. It's a wonderful work that we're engaged in. I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that he directs his church, and he directs his work. I know the he loves each and every one of us, and that he wants us to find joy. I love you all. Until next week!

God bless.
All the best.
Ttyl, in a bit!

With best regards,

Bayless choro


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