August 13, 2018




Crail choro

Week 51: Of long transfers and new companions

Last week was fast-paced, action-packed, and filled with suprises. The biggest suprise of all being that Nabari was closed, and I was sent to Uwajima area on the island of Shikoku. The fact that I got the tranfer call at 9:00 Tuesday night, was told that I would need to ship my bike to Shikoku, and that we needed to completely clean the apartment to prepare it to be closed only added to the shock of an already shocking phone call.
On Wednesday I packed up all my stuff, sent one suitcase and bike to shikoku, threw away all of the stuff left by former missionaries from the apartment, met with as many of our investigators as we could to explain what was happening, had lunch with a member, and headed out to Yamato Koriama area to spend the night at the Zone Leaders apartment so that I could head to Shikoku the next day. Then, on Thursday I left Yamato Koriama at 8:00 in the morning and headed to Uwajima carrying about 100 pounds worth of belongings. I rode a train, then a bus, then a train, and another bus before finally ariving at my new area with my new companion at about 8:00 that night.
So, that was a fun time for sure! There have been so many things that happened this week that I'm not sure I can write it all, but I'll make sure to include the most important things. Let's go weekly summary! :

-Said a sad goodbye to my beloved companion Elder Kawajou. He's the man!

-Met my new companion Elder Crail. He's 4th transfer from Hawaii, and is a superstar. He's a way funny guy.

-Kurogi choro, one of my top seven favorite companions of all time, is my new zone leaders. Woo-hoo!

-My bike still hasn't come yet, so we haven't really gone further than the church for finding, but we housed our neighbors and found 6 new potwntial investigators, called a few people, and found a new investigator. We will be meeting with the new investigator today.

-we had a lesson with one of our investigators on Saturday, and invited him to be baptized. He accepted, but we need to work with him to get his work schedule changed. That way he can attend sacrament meeting on Sundays.

-fun fact, our area is pretty large. If we were to ride from the southernmost part of our area to the north-easternmost part, it would be a 166km bike ride ( approximately 103 miles). I don't think we'll be doing that anytime soon.

I'm very excited to be here, and I am looking forward to the next 6 weeks. I'm definitely excited to see some miracles here in Uwajima and grateful for the ones I've already seen.

Love you all. Until next week.

God bless.
All the best.
Ttyl, in a bit!

With best regards,
Bayless choro


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