July 23, 2018


Nabari, Nabari Branch


Kawajou choro

Week 48: Quote from Kawajou Choro: "Summer is Kindness Season"

My companion is right, summer is kindness season. Especially when you're doing missionary work in the second hottest place in Japan. So many people have taken pity on us in our sweat-stained, out of breath, dehydrated selves and provided us with a variety of delicious beverages out of the kindness of their hearts. We are almost always offered something against the word of wisdom, so thats fun. But, we can always request water. Water is the best!

We had a lesson that went pretty long today, so now I have no time to write. I'll just give you some brief highlights of a very interesting week:

-we handed out 14 copies of the Book of Mormon in a single day of housing on Saturday. That's a new personal record. Truly a miracle from the Lord.

-We accidentally proselyted at a shinto shrine, and handed out a copy of the Book of Mormon to a Shinto Priest with an invitation to read and pray about it. They were really kind. I'll send a picture of the shrine.

-we had a wonderful meal with the first counselor in the branch presidency and his wife. It was so tasty!

-had a funny conversation with a ten year old girl that we ran into like 5 times in a single day while housing. She asked me if I had a special someone- someone that I love. I told her that I love everyone, and then she was quiet for about a minute. I asked her if she had someone that she loved. She beamed, and said "Yep!". I told her that she had cool shoes, and then we left.

That's going to have to be it for today. I'd like to end with a tatoe (a teaching example) that I used yesterday in a contact while talking to a man about the purpose of this life and life after death:
I want you to imagine something for me. There's a school. An incredibly prestigious, and high quality learning institution. In this school students can learn about any subject they desire. For the three years that they are students at this high school, they receive the best education available with the best teachers. However, there's a catch. After three years of study, after the students graduate, they cease to exist. They just disappear. Become nothing. Does this school have a purpose? No. It doesn't have a purpose. If the students, regardless of their grades, classes they took, or potential they had, are ultimately unable to move on after highschool, then there is no purpose to that school or those three years of high school. Life, much like that hypothetical school, is meaningless if we don't go anywhere after it ends. However, I can promise you that life does have a purpose, that there is life after death, and that God has a plan for the happiness and success of each of his children.

Love you all. Talk to you next week!

God bless.
All the best.
Ttyl, in a bit!

With best regards,
Bayless choro


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