July 2, 2018


Nabari, Nabari Branch


Kawajou choro

Week45: Transferred to the city of Ninjas, maybe that's why we can't find anybody 😢

Just kidding! Despite the very real Ninjas hidden within the city of Iga (one of the biggest cities in my new area), we've had no problems finding people to teach. Guess even Ninjas can't hide from Jesus.

So, I was transferred to Nabari. It's an area closer to Nagoya ( a completely different mission) than it is to Kobe, which is interesting. It's pretty rural, but it has a 7-11, which I guess makes it slightly more urban than Tanabe. My new companion is Elder Kawajou himself! Some of you might recall him from some of my previous emails. He was my district leader for the first two transfers in Tanabe. He also speaks mostly in broken English (when we aren't talking to Japanese people) which makes for some of the most wonderful quotes I've ever heard. I speak to him in Japanese, and he speaks to me in English. Miraculously, we don't have many communication problems.

Now, the rundown:

-my first day we biked to Iga (about a 40km round trip), and I had the wonderful opportunity to get a flat tire both on the way there and on the way back. However, because of the flats, we were able to hand out 3 copies of the book of Mormon, find a new investigator, and a couple PI's. So I think that it was probably a gift from God.

-I, again, have the opportunity to be the branch pianist.

-Nabari is very mountainous. We bike many, many miles every day, so I fully expect for my quads to get into fitness competition shape.

-It's unbelievably hot here in Nabari, and I've sweat more since coming to this area than I thought was humanly possible!

I was talking with my companion about how quiet/peaceful it is in Nabari. He suddenly stopped for about 7 seconds and then said "Quiet, and understanding... I am God." I realized that this was a Kawajou choro translation of the quote "Be still and know that I am God." Because of this incident, from now on I will record all such similar occurrences in future emails under the section "The Gospel according to Kawajou".

Well, that's s about it for this week. I'm sure my next week's email will be much more interesting. Have a wonderful week! Love you all.

God bless.
All the best.
Ttyl, in a bit!

With best regards,

Bayless choro


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