May 21, 2018


Tanabe, Tanabe Branch



Week 39: New companion, mission conferences, sleepovers, and more!

Last week was mother's day, and I got to Skype my family! Yay! I ended up getting really busy after the call and didn't have time to write my email. Sorry everyone! But this week was jam-packed full of all types of amazing things, so hopefully I can make this email interesting. First the quick rundown:

-we had a big mission conference where Elder Renlund came to speak with us. He and his wife gave some amazing talks, and I learned so much from them both. It was an overall fantastic experience, and I will share a little bit more about that later.

-because Kobe is pretty far away from our area, it took us quite a long time to get there for the conference. So, we got to stay in the Sennan area on Monday night before the conference and Tuesday night after the conference. It was a party! We had a "movie night" and watched a few of the 12 step videos. It was there that I found out that the church has come out with four newer videos for the 12 principles for spouse and family. They are amazing! I love the 12 step videos.

-my new companion's name is Sakuma choro. He's completely Japanese from the Tokyo area. Doesn't really speak any English. Like very, very little English. So, now I just live my life completely in Japanese, and it's surprisingly not too difficult! Whenever I don't know a word, he just explains it to me in Japanese like I'm a four year old, and it all works out. I assume that my language skills will probably get a lot better this transfer.

-we had our weekly planning meeting on Thursday. We set a goal to hand out at least 3 copies of the Book of Mormon every day, and we've surpassed that goal every day since setting it. We want to hand out every copy that we have in the apartment by the end of the transfer. That's 90 copies, so we still have a lot left. It's going to be a lot of work, but we can do it!

-in our efforts to give every person living within our area a signed copy of God's favorite book, we actually encountered a few people that already had copies of the Book of Mormon and/or had previously met with the missionaries. Needless to say, we will be meeting with them again.

-we saw a less active member who had recently moved apartments at a restaurant on Saturday. We said hello, but he had to leave very quickly. He told us to come visit him sometime, but didn't tell us where his new address was. The next day after church, we were coming back from visiting a potential investigator, and I felt like I wanted to go to this apartment complex that we saw on our way. We went to the apartments and started randomly knocking. Guess who the first person to answer the door was? That’s right—-our less active member! He was pretty shocked, and we were way excited. So, we visited with him and now have set up a time to study the scriptures with him every week.

This week has been amazing! We essentially have been planning our days with the full expectation to see miracles, and miracles have happened everyday. We're handing out more copies of the Book of Mormon. We’re finding more investigators and visiting more members than I ever thought would be possible. People have stopped us on the street and asked us about the church. It has been one of the craziest weeks of missionary work I've ever had! We just decided in our weekly planning that this is the Lord’s work, so we aren't going to set goals based on what we think is attainable but based on whether they are goals that the Lord has for this area. Honestly, when we set our goals, I really thought every one of them was far too high for us to accomplish if we were on our own. However, we are not on our own, and if we plan with the faith to see His hand in this work, we will continue to see miracles.

One of the things that Elder Renlund talked to us about is that we need to have a positive, joyful attitude as well as a dedicated, determined work ethic in order to be missionaries through whom the Lord will work miracles. At various points in my mission I feel like I've had one of these quality or the other, but maybe just not both at the same time. What I realized is that on a daily basis I fluctuate between the two of them. I need the Lord’s help to make up for my day to day short comings if I am to be both a positive and dedicated missionary. So, every day I need to evaluate where I am and pray for the strength to compensate for what I’m lacking that day. The Lord will compensate for my weaknesses every time. Every day.

I know that He can do the same for all of you, and that through our Savior Jesus Christ you can see daily miracles in your life as well.

Love you all. Talk to you next week!

God bless.
All the best.
Ttyl, in a bit!

With best regards,


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