May 8, 2018


Tanabe, Tanabe Branch



Week 37: I became a Shingu elder

This week was very interesting. Had lots of miracles and probably most of them were unseen, but I'm definitely grateful for the great experiences. This week we had a koukan (companion exchange) in Shingu, and it was very interesting. We got there on Monday and, for reasons that I will soon explain, returned to Tanabe on Thursday. Definitely longer than the average koukan, that’s for sure. First the highlights from the koukan/week:

-got to be companions with both Stewart choro and Kawajo choro in Shingu
-we handed out quite a few copies of the Book of Mormon this week and specifically in Shingu, which was awesome. Shingu doesn't have a lot of people living there. The missionaries have contacted pretty much everyone, so it's very hard to find new investigators.
-we talked to one really nice man who said that he had a Buddhist heart and wasn't interested in our message, but then said that there might be someone else in the house who might be interested. He then brought his 15 year old son who still had a mouth full of food — were in the middle of dinner—and had him talk to us. We taught about Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon, and the kid seemed really interested.
-one of our investigators has a really cool bike that Kurogi choro got to pretend to ride.
-talked to another man that was really receptive to our message about Jesus Christ and The Book of Mormon. He and his family were preparing for dinner but took the time to listen to us at the door step. One of their kids was playing on the Nintendo Switch. Given that this was the only house in the building willing to listen to us, we decided that the new Nintendo Switch helps families be more receptive to the gospel.
-we had a bunch of new people attend our eikaiwa class! Unfortunately, I wasn't there to teach it, because I was in Shingu.

So, now onto the reason that I switched areas for three days. We had a regular koukan planned, and everything was going fine. We went finding for the last part of Monday. On Tuesday we went and did service, and it was great. 2:00pm comes around. Kurogi choro and I are getting ready when suddenly Kawajo choro, the district leader and director of the koukan, says in his still rather broken English, "Let’s do companion exchange!" I, not fully understanding what he means, say "ok". Kawajo choro quickly leaves the room and comes back with a bag that he apparently packed in 30 seconds, and says, "Kurogi choro, let's go Tanabe. " He and my companion then walk out the door to catch the train.
Steward choro turns to me and asks if Kawajo choro is serious, and that's how the second koukan of the transfer began.

This koukan with Stewart choro was great. We stayed in Shingu and did some more service while Kurogi choro and Kawajo choro taught eikaiwa in Tanabe. The next day rolls around. We get a call from the Tanabe elders saying they missed the train to Shingu, so we will need to stay one more day. It was a fun koukan, but I only packed for one day, so that was a bit bad.

That's pretty much it for this week. Tell you all next week what happens with transfers (because we'll be getting the call tomorrow). Love you all.

God bless.
All the best.
Ttyl, in a bit!

With best regards,
Bayless choro


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