February 5, 2018


Osaka, Sekime Ward



Week 25: The Power of Prayer

I was in a bike accident.

Last Monday, after we sent off all of our emails, Nettleton choro and I headed off to Daiso to pick up frames for the artwork that we've hung up in the house. We traveled down the road, and got to a small intersection underneath the Sekime train line. The crossing signal was green, so we continued through the light. Coming from the other direction were two high-school girls riding side-by-side and talking to each other. They were riding in the center of the road and gave no indication that they would vary from their course. To avoid a collision, I moved further to the right in order to allow them plenty of space to pass, but at the last moment the two girls made a left turn directly into my course of travel. I tried to quickly turn right, but I collided with one of the girls. The inertia from our collision sent her and her bike skidding backwards 2 1/2 feet as I left the comfort of my seated position and sailed through the air over the top of the young lady. I don't remember the landing, but from what I heard from those that witnessed the accident, I landed in a combat roll and popped up on my feet immediately.

The accident was pretty crazy, but luckily the girl came out uninjured. I, on the other hand, did not come out unscathed. In my attempt to avoid the girl, I turned my handle sharply, and my left hand collided with the front of her bike. She had a thick steel basket on the front of her bike, and my hand punched it with so much force that the steel basket folded in half. My middle finger got caught in the basket, and my finger snapped.

After landing, I looked down at my hand to see my finger bent at a 35 degree angle to the left. There was a gash so deep in my finger that I could see the bone. The first thing that I did after realizing the severity of my injury was make Nettleton choro touch the bone. Then I proceeded to touch the bone. Then we talked to the police for two hours about the accident and got everything sorted out. I showed my finger to each of the 7 police officers that came to the scene, and they all agreed that it was very broken. Then they recommended that I go to a hospital. I agreed with their assessment, and soon Nettleton choro and I walked to the nearest hospital.

On the walk there we had to call Sister Smoot to let her know what happened. Then we called the bishop and the second counselor to help us out at the hospital, because hospital Japanese is way hard. We eventually got to the hospital. By the time we reached the hospital, my hand had stopped hurting. By the time the doctor examined my finger, it was no longer crooked. And, by the time we got an x-ray, there was nothing wrong with my finger except swelling. The doctor was amazed. He said that based on the swelling and bruising when we first entered the hospital, the bone of my finger should have been broken and all of the ligaments should have been torn, but it was fine. He gave me a splint and some gauze and sent me on my way.

The next day I took the splint off, and the swelling was gone. Where there was a bone-deep gash, only a scrape remained. We later came to learn that after calling Sister Smoot she got all the missionaries in the Kobe office to pray that my hand would be healed. After that prayer was said, my hand was healed. I can promise you that God listens to prayers. And I know that He answers prayers in His own time frame and in his own way, but always for our eternal benefit. My testimony of that fact has grown so much.

The other major miracle for the week is that a less active that we have been working with since my first transfer came to church yesterday! And it looks like she's coming back for good! Also, we're working with her to bring one of her friends to church, so pretty soon we are going to have a new investigator as well. One of the greatest feelings in the world is to help someone who is struggling in life come to Christ and find joy in Him!

That's pretty much all that I have time for this week. There were definitely more miracles and blessings that occurred throughout the week, but they're too numerous to list.

Today we're bowling with the Zone Leaders, so I gotta go. As always, I love you all. Talk to you next week!

God bless.
All the best.
Ttyl, in a bit!

With best regards,

Bayless choro


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