January 29, 2018


Osaka, Sekime Ward



Week 24: 今週の総集編


This week I'm probably going to use the bullet point system for my email again. I promise I'll write a proper email soon. Sorry! Now, onto the happenings!

-we've finally 100% deep cleaned the apartment. It's so wonderful! Now we're just buying picture frames for the artwork that we want to hang up on the walls. I'll include pictures next week of the fully cleaned place.

- it snowed for a couple days here in Osaka! Nothing stuck, but it was still way exciting.

- we set a goal in SKK last week to meet with 4 members throughout the week and share a scripture message with them. Right after we set that goal, a member came up to us at church and asked for our help after church. We were able to meet with her, help her with a presentation in English she had to do for work, and share a message with her. It was crazy.

- the last meeting that we had of the week was with our dendou shunin. He's a wonderful man. Anyway, we were able to meet with him and share our message, and then afterwards he shared with us some really big concerns that he had been having for the last few months. He had been praying for comfort, and God told him to invite the missionaries over. The message that we shared was a direct answer to his prayer, and he said 'I know the Lord spoke to me through you. You are His representatives.' it was one of the most spiritual experiences I've ever had.

- we had a 30/30 program lesson (30 minutes English, 30 minutes gospel lesson) with an old English bandit, and it was crazy! We sat down to meet him at a McDonald's, and the first thing that he said was 'I don't have any interest in religion. I just care about money and my business. So go ahead and do your teaching thing first, and then we can get on to the good stuff.' That wasn't the greatest start to a lesson, but it was also not entirely unexpected. So, we prayed for the Spirit and began to ask him questions about his values, beliefs, his family, etc. After we had a better understanding of his needs, the Spirit gave my companion a parable to share with this man that changed the lesson entirely. After that there was no longer any concern for the English lesson. We took up the entire hour sharing about the gospel because he was eager, almost desperate to learn. At the end, this 63 year old, jaded business man was pleading for us to tell him how to save his marriage and improve his relationship with his son. The Holy Ghost is very powerful.

That's all I have time for. See you next week. Love you all!

God bless.
All the best.
Ttys, in a bit!

With best regards,



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