January 15, 2018


Osaka, Sekime Ward



Week 22: My Companion is.... the Internet? And the Atoning Power of Oxyclean!

Hello from the land of the rising sun,

This week was transfers, and it was time for Deschamps 長老 to go home. It was a bit sad to see my trainer go home. It's really weird to no longer be a trainee, but it's all for the best. I said goodbye to Deschamps 長老 and then waited out at Umeda station with It 長老for our new companions. My companion this transfer is Elder Nettleton! He was the Kobe recorder and the Head Tech Elder for a while, and now he's my companion in Sekime! He's a really amazing missionary, and we get along really well! We had our first weekly planing meeting that same day, and we set some pretty lofty goals for this transfer. I'm really excited!

We had a fun ward party this last Saturday, and it was a great opportunity to build our relationship with the ward and to introduce them to the new Sekime missionary. Now, like I just said, my companion's name is Elder Nettleton. That's REALLY difficult for Japanese people to pronounce, so he goes by Netto 長老. When we were at the party, Netto 長老 and I were getting him introduced to the ward, and I said that his name was Netto as in intanetto (the Japanese word for internet). Now the ward remembers him as Elder Internet.

We had a great time with the ward at the party and on the following Sunday. We were able to share our transfer goals with them and let them know how we were going to try to strengthen the ward over these next 6 weeks. That seemed to help the ward feel a little bit more invested in missionary work. If there's one thing that I've learned on my mission so far it's that missionary work cannot be successful without the strength and support of the members. We need their help to support investigator's along the path to conversion.

On Saturday after the party, we also went to Tsurumi-ryokuchi Park to go finding. It was a ton of fun! We ended up finding a family playing tennis in the park, and we went up and started talking to them. The family had just bought rackets that day, because they set a goal to learn a new hobby this year. The father gave me one of the rackets, so I could play tennis with his wife. While I rallied with her, Netto 長老 had a great talk with the Dad. It turned that the Dad used to play basketball with the missionaries before they moved to Osaka and had heard a little bit about the Gospel. We told him that we'd love to meet with them and also let him know that we run a free Eikaiwa program for children on Wednesday. He said that he'd love to come! It was a really great interaction.

Lastly, Netto 長老 and I decided to deep clean the apartment this week, and that's been kinda crazy. The apartment has been heavily used and abused for years, and it seems like no one has ever tried to clean it. It's a lot of work that we've had to schedule in around all of the other missionary stuff we do, but it's been well worth it. We bought Oxyclean, Scrubbing Bubbles, and some mold remover, as well as some other general cleaning supplies from a コナン (kinda like a Japanese home depot / Walmart) and we went to town on the apartment. We've planned to have everything finished up and cleaned by tomorrow. It's pretty great to live in a clean apartment. I'm rather excited about it. I can now testify with full conviction that the Spirit of the Lord is present in greater abundance in a clean living space. Who would have guessed?

Well, I think that might be it for this week. We've got a busy day of cleaning ahead. Talk to you all next week.

God bless.
All the best.
Ttys, in a bit!

With best regards,

P.s. Oxyclean is actually the craziest cleaner I've ever seen! I'm fully convinced that, as long as the material is repentant, it will clean any stain regardless of what it's from or how long it's been there.

The pictures!

1. I forgot I had a picture of the Sukiyaki that we had at the Satou's. It was so tasty!
2-3. A picture of Gotham... I mean Osaka, at night.
4. Cool light show while reading the scriptures.
5. Before and after shot of the nastiest pillows in our apartment. That's the power of Oxyclean!
6. The most flattering picture of my new companion
7. The sunrise from our porch


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