November 25, 2015


Provo MTC


Elder Simmons

Week 7 MTC


Alright guys what an amazing time to be alive. Seems like last week that i was on here saying i finished my first 7 days! The lord is hastening his work and i can sure feel it from here!

Heres my list of funny and spiritual things that happened this week.
I have mentioned theres a monitor here that has names of people who need to come to the front desk. I saw a girls name, Abigail Katelynn YOUNGBLOOD. Yup. Thats all.

I pulled two really funny jokes here in the mtc this week.
#1 From one of those nutella to go things, I put some nutella on my hand and went into the bathroom. When my friend Elder Portrey came into the bathroom, I asked him if he could hand me some toilet paper from the stall next to me because mine was out. Ever so nicely he obliged and handed me some, I grabbed it while simultaneously wiping nutella on his hand. He proceded to FREAK out and yelled at me and screaming eww gross. I opened the stall door and fell on the ground laughing soooo hard. Sorry if anyone thinks this is gross.

One of my teachers Cectpa Gillespie is deathly afraid of snakes. ANd before i go into this, anyone who has been to the mtc knows how close you get to your teachers here, so its basically me doing it to a friend. But anyways when one of the districts left they let us have anything we wanted from their room they werent taking. I found a giant snake in there and i hid it under cectpa gillespies stuff in class. She lifted up her stuff and bam started screaming and almost punched me. Pree funny but you had to be there to get the full affect.

Speaking of that district, my favorite other district left the mtc this week. We played volleyball with them everyday and i got pretty close to some of those elders. Unfortunately none of them are going to my mission. But I know Elder Decker, Hansen, Graves, Sanders, Butler, Naegle. Torgersen, Rasmussen, Walker, and Crandall are going to KILL it in Russia.

Here are some things that I could really use before I leave.
Easy to make recipes with ingredients findable in Kyiv Ukraine. Literally anyone can send them and I will appreciate it so much.
Your favorite talks. We have been told that since we wont have access in ukraine to print out talks, we cant do it in the mtc anymore. So if you can send me a printed copy (dear elder works too) of an awesome talk then that would be sweet! Ill take them to ukrained and use them whenever applicable.
A failsafe idea of how to pack dr pepper in my suitcase to ukraine withour a possibility of it exploding in a nonpressurized cabin and getting on my stuff. If this idea involves a way to protect them if they do explode that is acceptable too. I have to make an effort.

This week I had some really cool scripture insights and the devotionals were on point.

Mosiah chapter 4 is pure gold. That whole chapter is full of advice on how to live life. I definitely need to work on a lot of it, but i am confident that this mission in Ukraine learning how to love these people in the state that they are in will help. I love 2 parts the most. The first is a simple sentence, "Are we all not beggars?" So much meaning in 5 words. Everyone can get something different from it. But the scripture verse goes on to say, we all beg for forgiveness and eternal life from god who gives us all substance we have. The second talks about someone who has nothing and that is why they do not give. It says that the important thing is that they can honestly say if they did have, they would give. This scripture is talkng about beggars, But it can apply to us in a sense. We had a subsitute teacher in class, who was born in Lv'Iv Ukraine. When she joined the church she was 18 and still living with her family. Her family allowed her to live there, but for years they acted as if she didnt exist, they made family meals, but didnt make enough for her. 3 generations of family living in this house never spoke a word to her. She made 5$ a month and was attending college. I wont go much more in depth but wow, what a sacrifice. They way that I apply this scripture is that we as born members of the church havent had to go through that. But can we all say, that if we ahd to, would we? I hope that makes sense, kinda hard to put my words into thoughts.

Second, a quote from Richard G Scott from his last public talk ever, which was at the mtc. Last sentence. "Elders and Sisters, Have great missions, but don't just have great missions, have a blast." This is literally a quote from an APOSTLE who tells us we NEED to have fun. As missionaries we are on the lords time. Working diligently and effectively is key. But heck if you arent having an enjoyable time then you are not doing the lords work. You gotta have fun with it and be of good cheer as we were told this sunday. Have fun, have a smile, dont be too serious all the time. You and your companion should be laughing every day.

Welp thats it for this week folks, let me know how all your lives are doing. Elder P out


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