October 21, 2015


Provo MTC


Elder Simmons

Week 2 MTC

Alright so I have a little notebook that I always keep with me and write down things I want to include in my email.

First some shoutouts to the Lyman Family, Tyler Lyman sent me a Dear Elder full of delicious cinnamon rolls and it had a card that said "TO OUR FAVORITE SISTER" hahahaha I was halfway through my 3rd one when I read that and almost lost it I was laughing so hard. Then later in the week Preston came in clutch to quench my Dr pepper thirst. My district is so jealous of my packages they are honestly the best. The glow in the dark toys and balls and stuff my family has sent me have been used every night its a blast lol!

Russian has been progressing, I'll say again that my district is muchhhh farther ahead than districts usually are. We have some talented missionaries. We talk a lot about how we are at the MTC and we should be speaking our language as much as possible because thats how we learn and no one is going to understand what we are saying anyways. We watched a video that told us we will make over 30,000 mistakes in our language before we are considered fluent. I think I've made well over that but its ok. In the sacred grove we talked about how to attempt to stop Joseph Smith the devil bound his tongue to try to stop him from speaking, I promised myself that I don't care how I sound or what I cant say I will not bind my tongue in Russia, however I am one of the few that can now translate sentences grammatically correctly from English to Russian and vice versa. Our teacher still speaks mostly Russian, he tried to explain something to us in Russian and one of the sisters guessed what he was saying. In Russian there are many rules and few exceptions, he said close but flip it, so essentially while speaking Russian there are very few rules but there are lots of exceptions to each one lol its so annoying.

People have asked what the Russian cases are, essentially to every verb, adjective and noun, there is a special ending to the word depending on direct objects implied meaning all this stuff I'm not going to write. As an example you could say "me loves he" in Russian but based on the endings of each word you would know that the sentence reads, he loves me. That is a very very very simple example haha it is very hard.

So we had a devotional on Sunday that was totally legit, Chad Lewis came and spoke to us - he is a former BYU tight end and Eagles player who made a dope catch to send them to the Super Bowl but tore his liz frank tendon in the process. He bore his awesome testimony, and then invited Steve Young's grandson in the MTC to come up (former BYU amazing quarterback) and bear his testimony in Korean, and THEN invited TAYSOM HILL to come up and bear his testimony!!!! He also tore his liz frank. It was super cool. I am pretty sure that Troy Polamalu's nephew is here too how cool is that?

Everyone will enjoy this but Preston especially, we were talking to one of our teachers who served in Kiev Ukraine, one of the coolest things to do here is to get your teachers to tell their mission stories. She said that in Ukraine, HEDGEHOGS ROAM THE STREETS. Especially in like Odessa down by the Black Sea they are just everywhere, HOW COOL IS THAT. I know the white handbook says no pets..... but I mean come on. Hedgehog in Russian is pronounced yo-and then the s in vision I still cant figure out the Russian keyboard!

I lost my scriptures for a few days this week, found them in the lost and found. I'm such a good missionary haha.

Funny story, Elder Nelson in my district loves jello. But one day we got into class and you just hear him say ohhhhhh plllloooooohaaaaaaa which is how you pronounce bad in Russian lol. He opened up his coat and had spilled jello everywhere haha. It was on his shirt suit tie and had soaked into his garments. We called him elder jello for a couple days. He is the goofiest kid I've ever met but so funny. He also ate a whole entire carton of those disgusting Harry Potter jelly beans yesterday and it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen, it took me three days to convince him to do it.

I also heard some good news, so if you dont know, I really really hate sea food. or fish anyway, except clam chowder but thats beside the point but so in the mission because of chernobyl and the river, missionaries aren't allowed to eat any fish or sea food at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY thats gonna save me from a lot of agonizing meals. Blessings people - blessing I miss everyone so much keep me updated on all of your lives! I enjoy hearing from everyone so much.

Elder Plewe


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