August 24, 2019




Elder Saltern

Week 2 David A. Bednar

This week has been crazy, all the days honestly blend together! So last sunday was the sunday night devotional video for all the new missionarys. It was a talk from Elder Bednar, it was a good talk to watch. Then two days later for tuesday night devotional, me and all the elders in the district decided to go strait to the overflow because thats where all the comfy chairs are. Huge mistake because it was a last minute suprise for all the missionarys, Elder bednar was the guest speaker, we were the only 6 Elders sitting in the overflow all by are selves and a couple senior missionarys. We lucked out though and some random guy said he felt prompted to go check the overflow room and he found us and told us to follow him. We got 6th or 7th row seats to listen to Elder Bednar talk. It was an awesome Devotional, the spirit was so strong, his message was about how to recognize the spirit and he said a lot of missionarys waist a lot of time waiting for a comfirmation from the holy ghost but he said, "STOP WAITING, GOD TRUST YOU, JUST GO!" he said if you are being good keep being good, the spirit isnt going to be an overwhelming feeling all the time. Just go, the lord has prepared people for you everywhere. He also shared a scripture that was just perfect! D&C 80:3-"Wherefore, go ye and preach my gospel, whether to the north or to the south, to the east or to the west, it mattereth not, for ye cannot go amiss." he also said just move your feet and you cant go amiss. That is pretty much the highlight of the week. We had some good bonding time with are district. We all have to much fun. Ive gained 5 pounds being here and still going! We got the coolest neighbors in the residence halls. The guys next to us are all going to tonga and the one Elder is from New Zealand, hes hillarius. hes always trying to scare us in the morning when we walk into the bathroom. He's been teaching us tongan! Its pretty cool but hard. We played the bean boozle game and i threw up so that was pretty cool. Heres some pics! It's cool to se some elders that I know!


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