December 31, 2018


CCM Mexico City MTC


Elder Di Finni

Week ???

i honestly cant tell you what week it is whenever i try to figure it out it always is a diffrent number so i need someone to tell me...seriously

i had a blast this past weeks not only was it christmas but it was my first christmas my first 5!!! baptisms my first week in the field and my first time teaching a new family!! alot of firsts. the first week i got here my comp did alot of work and already have 4 kids for us to baptise and 2 parents on the way as well as another brother the following week. we work all the time. the family we baptized with the kids name is laura and the family of laura is amazing i love them so much and its fun being around them. after we baptized them they gave us a refrence for another family and they are taking the lessons just as fast as we can give them. when we meet them they had no belief in god no attatchment to any other church and never heard of the book of mormon and that was 6 days ago now we are on lesson 3 and are going to teach them today. it is so exciting. My spanish is improving and i can now hold a conversation but some things i dont understand and whenever something funny is said i get really confused, there probably laughing at me but its alright because i would laugh at me as well.

something really cool this week was some kids were making fun of me calling me gringo and i started talking to them in spanish and bore my testamony to them and i liked the expressions on their faces. but im glad they walked away afterwards because i used up my entire vocabulary and didnt have anything left. haha

I want to tell everyone that this christmas year has been diffrent for me in many ways it has opened my eyes so much in how much love people have and the many diffrent ways they can show it. this experience serving a mission has humbled me and will continue to humble myself every day and i wouldnt expect anything else. i just want everyone to know i love my family, i love how everyone in my life has always supported me as well as build others up in their example. Ive said it once and ill probably say it alot more my family consists of all the people i love in my life so if your on this email list your in my family. Thankyou so much for your love and thankyou so much for all that you do. I love my family and cant wait to see you all agian in person but right now the lord needs to humble me a little more so i must go to work now. i love you all and am excited for the work that is in front of me because i know from the few weeks ive been here everyone needs a little bit of... you fill in the blank because its not just the people here that need... its also the people back home (thats a challange for yourself if you didnt get the hint haha)

I love you all


Love Elder Amar

here are alot of photos oh also one more thing the church here has a kareokee machine and everyone here loves queen and alot of other clasical rock bands somthing to keep everyone jellous.


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