November 30, 2018


CCM Mexico City MTC


Elder Ellenberg

Week 3

Hey yall im having an awesome time we just went to the mexico city temple and it was so cool!! it is sooooo big and it is one of five that angle moroni is carrying the gold plates. this week went by so fast we did our first TRC which is just talking to people outside the MTC but me and my district or my district and i all thought that we were teaching a real investigator but all of the people we taught were apart of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints so when we asked if they already had their own book of mormon it was kinda awkward. pulse after we asked that we figured everything we had planned for them was void and we had to make up a new lesson plan on the was fun. our teacher hermano jairo told us yesterday that he is asking his girlfriend to marry him in about a month and she works here. its really funny because whenever were on MTC grounds she is just another hermana its funny. This week has just blown by i am learning on a rate i cant even imagine. think of it like this if a rocketship and a really really really fast turtle had a race me learning spanish would be the rocketship. but unfortunately i still cant roll my rs but im getting there. every night i put a pen in my mouth read 3 pages in the spanish book of mormon then take the pen out and read it again its difficult but it definitely has helped in my pronunciation when i get back ill be sayin my words like im a high school english teacher. haha not really.

This week my scripture to yalls is Mosiah 21:15 it talks about having trials and the love of the lord. i took it as if you have a trial and you ask the lord to take it away from you he isn't going to take it away from you because he thinks you cant pass through it but because he loves you and knows that when you pass through it you will be a stronger person for it.

oh and also one more thing one of our missionaries in our district moved to a latino district because he is so good at spanish!!

That's if for this week and i cant wait to tell yalls about next weeks adventures love yalls!!
oh my gosh those ski suits are actually pretty cool. life in the mtc is pretty good me and ellenburg dont always see eye to eye. actually i accidently hit him in the eye today with a basketball i thought he was looking but he wasnt and i was sorry but not anymore because he keeps bringing it up like i did it on purpose but we still get along. i am so blessed mason is in my life because without me learning how to deal with people at times i have no clue how i would get through the mtc. the food is good they do switch it up but they usually have a schedual mondays its mexican tuesdays its hamburgers ect. im writting in my journal as much as i can ive already gone through one of them but it seams like some days just blend in with the others and i might miss a day i love seeing all the photos and here mason took kaylee to the bsu game!! i love yall so much cant wait to talk to yall this christmas
IN The mtc there are about 560 missionaries language is good im learning alot of spanish, the classes are good after the 2nd week i felt i had a pretty good grasp on the classes and rutine im in, ive got alot of friends here and the most spiritual experience this week was going to the temple oh and im in district 6c
can you send this to q mark zak toast tyler and luke

hey yall i just found this scripture and its 1st Nephi 20-28 and it reminded me of yalls im glad we are brothers and cant wait to talk to yalls agian.
i need more carmel candies and jolly ranchers and more pictures from home like a bigger photo album with more pictures love you i have to go love you some more and tell the fam i love them and give zoe a kiss for me and also a big bone for christmas love you ps im probably not going to stop saying yalls.


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