November 16, 2018


CCM Mexico City MTC


Elder Ellenberg

Week 1:Where Do I Start?

Oh my gosh where do i start we got off the plane and it took a while to get our bags. We got them however on the ride to the MTC it was crazy!! the buss driver was like the taxi driver in Belize scurting through any little space he could but i have learned that the horn is a very useful tool. the first night was pretty cool we got our stuff into our room and i couldn't find my comp yet so i went to dinner. i meet some people and one of them went to mountain view she was super nice. the next day i meet my comp we literally have nothing in common except were both white. he is from north carolina he doesn't like nature, thinks before he he is sensible, likes band not a truck guy but wants some sort of Subaru. whats up with that. anyone who reads this i want you to know i love yall so much!! Spanish is hard i cant roll my rrs yet but im getting there i have to put a pen in my mouth and read from the book of Mormon is Spanish then re read it to know what it says its hard but i love it. one of the most annoying things besides the routine here is one of the rules is you cant be a gentlemen because it could be seen as an act of flirting so i may have slipped up on that rule once or twice. i mean if your going to put your dirty tray in the wash why cant you take a sisters plate as well. i got a visit from grandma on the third day mom it was awesome i was having a super hard time with the grammar but she just told me that everything will be okay and as long as i work my hardest i wont have anything to worry about. my district is pretty cool there are all sorts of personalities here geeks and nerds, jocks, jockers, and even a guy from Canada. ive been using that note book alot dad that you gave me and i really like the cover i always leave my patriarcal blessing in there and whenever im feeling down i read it or open the book of Mormon to a random page and those two techniques always work. Which reminds me if anyone is ever feeling down then just open to a random page and start reading it will saprise yall the things yall find.
before i end i want everyone to look up 2 scriptures
1st is the first few verses in Moroni it is super cool and i hope yall can see why if not i will tell you next week
2nd is Moroni 10 and read the chapter out loud then read the chapter again but put your name or relate it to you before every {ye}
also i have know idea how to use a Spanish keyboard their are different symbols in different spots so if my first letter is wrong at the beginning of the sentence im sorry. I love you mi familia and i cant wait to see you again but for know i need to focus on my work here i love everyone at home!! tell Zoe i love her and ill talk to yall next week.
just sent the pics and i think there pretty good i am having an awesome time here i love hearing your stories while you were in mexico even if you didnt catch any fish. i laughed outloud when i heard of the story of you squirting the dirt when you couldnt find a taxi it was halarious!! i love you so much and i just want you to know that. it really stinks i cant give you a hug but good news a few weeks i get out into the field i will be able to video chat you on christmas. oh and a thing i found out here is we could recieve packages but i would just send them to my presidents house while im in the field and ill give you the address next week. also i love you
thanks i will it was sad to hear of zoe crashing agianst the seat you need a train horn or you can just use mine i can see the pictures you send me but i couldnt see dads for some reason i love yall and i will keep trying to find a thing both me and my comp like to do.
i like the reason why im at the MTC but i hate all the walls. i can hear the mariachy every night before i go to bed and yes they are tall. alot of them are from utah shocker but i can out lift every one of them in the gym and tell pk to watch out becasue even if he gets stronger so will i
i feel the spirit all the time next week we need only one email so its a little easier to talk i will also give better things that have happened but my time is almost over
I love you so much and i am always going through the pics in my folder if i could ask for anything for christmas it would be a bigger photo album and more pics of home!! i love yall so much and i have to go thank you for all that you have taught me ive thought back on so much that you have even questions ive ask you that i never knew i did. i love you all so much!! tell chicka i love her too alot and as well as mo and pk i love them alot and it gets strange not hanging with them all the time.
also just to let you know mom that ive brushed my teeth every week i shower and shave and make my bed. i love you talk to you next week!!


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