Photos Date Area Title
December 17, 2018 , , Manny!!!! Girls at the Y, last week in Fort Dodge??
December 10, 2018 , , Christmas Zone Conference, Shyann felt the spirit, YWCA
December 3, 2018 Fort Dodge, IA Ames Stake Conference, Shoveling Snow
November 26, 2018 , , Sister Tobias!
November 19, 2018 Fort Dodge, IA Heather and the Temple, MLC, Pepsi
November 12, 2018 Fort Dodge, IA Transfers yo! Kevin hopped on the stop smoking train!
November 5, 2018 Fort Dodge, IA Lots of knocking! Crazy redneck with a gun!!!!! Transfers
October 29, 2018 Fort Dodge, IA Baptism and boomerangs!!! Butchered chickens!!!
October 22, 2018 Fort Dodge, IA Gabriel and Shyann are on track for baptism! Zone Conference
October 16, 2018 Fort Dodge, IA Dear John... lol
October 9, 2018 Fort Dodge, IA Gabriel and Shyann! General Conference! Face masks??
October 1, 2018 Fort Dodge, IA Kaylie! Heather Page's family! Transfers
September 24, 2018 Fort Dodge, IA On that grind! God First
September 17, 2018 Fort Dodge, IA God is Good!
September 10, 2018 Fort Dodge, IA Heather Page! Exchanges with Hampton, J-dubs knocked into us, paint pros, Walking dayzzz
September 3, 2018 Fort Dodge, IA Tommi, Rachel, Whipple Party, Exchanges with the Carroll Boyzzz, Elder Burdick!!!!
August 27, 2018 Fort Dodge, IA MLC, interviews with President, Fort Dodge is the best! They call me Grill Master Brown!
August 20, 2018 Fort Dodge, IA Fort Dodge Baby!
August 13, 2018 West Des Moines, IA Developing a Principal of Revelation, Transfers
August 6, 2018 West Des Moines, IA Zone Conference, Momoh Foko passes the sacrament!! Elder Claysons gets wrecked, I'm basically a ninja
July 30, 2018 West Des Moines, IA Nauvoo Pageant, Mo Foko received the Priesthood, Jonny Rob
July 23, 2018 West Des Moines, IA Exchanges, Francis is found!, Clayson loves his greens, some dude threw The Book of Mormon!
July 16, 2018 West Des Moines, IA IDMM
July 9, 2018 West Des Moines, IA Mo Foko was baptized! Staying in West Des Moines! Flood cleanup! Happy 4th of July!
July 2, 2018 West Des Moines, IA Being carried by the spirit and running red lights! This Mo Foko is getting baptized!!!! Transfer week!
June 25, 2018 West Des Moines, IA Zone Conference, Soccer Skills?, Salesman Squad and Jared, My Mo Foko, & Francis
June 18, 2018 West Des Moines, IA VH, Commitments, Stake Conference, Living the Law of Chastity, Mo Foko, Francis
June 11, 2018 West Des Moines, IA Bed bugs, Ashly is a non smoker! My man Francis!
June 4, 2018 West Des Moines, IA Dario is Smoke free!!
May 28, 2018 West Des Moines, IA Transfers! Pushing a dude's car, Stop Smoking bruh, KEVIN??]
May 21, 2018 West Des Moines, IA Bill Nye the Science Guy, Elder Burke took a tumble lol, Judgment Day!
May 14, 2018 West Des Moines, IA Zone Conference! & Mothers day!
May 7, 2018 West Des Moines, IA Elder Boyd Brown, Tornado! Miracle with Roda
April 30, 2018 West Des Moines, IA Exchanges!!!! American Red Cross, Ping Pong champ! Miracle at church
April 23, 2018 West Des Moines, IA Area Blitz! Ashly is on date for June 2nd!
April 16, 2018 West Des Moines, IA West side!!, Killer B's, Pro Movers, Wagih
April 9, 2018 Leon, IA The Thomsons, Come Come Ye Saints, and Tractors
April 3, 2018 Leon, IA Hastening the work!!!
March 26, 2018 Leon, IA Birthday Bash, Ward Activity, Becoming
March 20, 2018 Leon, IA Mitchell is baptized! Centerville fire, Elder Costa Mission Tour!
March 12, 2018 Leon, IA Leon, IA
March 5, 2018 Leon, IA Leon, Land of the Amish and RLDS
February 26, 2018 Iowa City Exchanges x2, Skinned a Raccoon,
February 19, 2018 Iowa City 6 Months, Sledding Wookie, Ripped my pants, Coffee at church
February 12, 2018 Iowa City Exchanges with the Spaniards! Mitch, Ammons testimony(Alma 26)
February 5, 2018 Iowa City Frozen Turkey=Towed Car, Frozen lakes, Finding people to teach
January 29, 2018 Iowa City Buddha Statue,48 wings!!, My boy's Edwin and Mitch!!! Broken families
January 22, 2018 Iowa City Transfers, Missionary work is bumping, Elder McKay and his Broccoli, & Herky
January 15, 2018 Iowa City Dumb Ice, Burning Pizza Boxes, Lead By the Spirit
January 8, 2018 Iowa City Thomas S Monson, Knocking Diligently, Sweet Sticker ;)
January 2, 2018 Iowa City It's Butt Cold, Elder McKay is a walking slip and slide, & Driving in the snow!
December 26, 2017 Iowa City ER regulars, HO HO HO, Till I See You Again- (Wiz Khalifa)
December 11, 2017 Iowa City Training, Elder McKay and Tamales and our Investigator Jolva
December 4, 2017 Iowa City Called to be faithful and transfers!
November 27, 2017 Iowa City Missionary work is slow, Thanksgiving, dumb deer and Davenport!
November 20, 2017 Iowa City Service, brand spanking new, and Thanksgiving marks 3 months!
November 13, 2017 Iowa City Sly Dogs!
November 6, 2017 Iowa City Blessings of missionary work!
October 23, 2017 Iowa City 2 Month Mark! Japanese Beetles and 7 week transfer!
October 16, 2017 Iowa City Everyone is ready!! Nauvoo Temple, 33 slices of Pizza!
September 25, 2017 Iowa City YSA Ward, 6 months of Sexy, 90 lb stones, learning Chinese, Power of Priesthood blessings
September 18, 2017 Iowa City Iowa City!!! Mind Reading, The Book of James, and Bird poop
September 9, 2017 MTC Elder Oaks, Birthday spankings, and Dadgum silly putty!
September 2, 2017 MTC Ninja stars, sickness, and Kendra
August 26, 2017 MTC The MTC life
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