November 5, 2018



Familys are the best!

Hey Family and Friends!
This last week was pretty good!
Miracle! Wednesday we had a little time before we were going to go to dinner so we decided to stop by one of our members who happens to be a Seminary Teacher for our ward. Right when we got into his home he gave us a solid referral to go by of a long time less active family. He knew this family was ready for the missionarys becuase the 16 year old daughter started coming to his Seminary Class. We werent able to go by that night or the next becuase of scheduled lessons but on Friday night we were able to stop by and have a good visit with them. They have been Less Active for about 14 years. The Father is a return missionary, he served in the Las Vegas Nevada mission and the Mother is a convert. They have 3 kids, 2 daughters and 1 boy. The daughters are 16, 12 and the boy is 10 and none of them have been baptized. They asked us if we could start preparing them for Baptism and of course we said YES! 
We had dinner with a part member family who's also been less active for about 7 or 8 years. They love the Gospel but they struggle to come to church becuase they held their Sons funeral at it! They want us to start teaching their 11 year old daughter the lessons and prepare her for baptism.
We have been working with another family thats coming back to church and helping them! Their daughter is on date to be baptised on the 17th of November!
We had a bomb lesson with the Mendozas our investigator family where we read from the Book of Mormon, Alma Chapter 7. They loved it and asked so many really good questions a lot was about the Second Coming! 
Elder Beckstead


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