September 11, 2018




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Hey family and friends!

Socorro Texas has the best weather right now. Not to cold, not to hot!

Maria and her 2 twins came to church again this last week! We have continued to work with that family. Sadly the parents are currently seperated! Im super excited to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ change that familys life!

Went on exchanges this last week with Elder Blanchard. Hes a super stud! We both went to Davis together. This is our second or third time on going exchanges together. I always learn so much from him!

Our Mission President, President Guffey has suggested that we read The Saints a book about the history of the church in our free time. I highly recommend it to all of you, I started on the drive up to the Albuquerque Temple and I can not put it down! Love the book!

Albuquerque Temple Trip! We woke up at 3:45 AM to get there on time. Reminds me of the MTC getting ready to fly to New Mexico! So early in the morning!

Elder Hancey says "whats up!"

Love ya,

Elder Beckstead

Stephen M Beckstead
Cell 801-529-3549


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