August 27, 2018




Hey family and friends! What's up? Just chilling here in Socorro Texas.
Transfers went very smooth. As you all know from last week's letter Elder Mingo is my companion he is cool. 
Whitewashing is always fun. We were never told where we lived so it took forever to figure that out. What an adventure. The way we found where we lived after we found the apartment complex is we went through with our keys on all the mailboxes and after many prayers and at about 10:40 p.m. at night will you figured it out. But it's all good now because we know where we live!  Pretty cool Miracle happen this last week. We were trying to find our church and we accidentally went past it so we pulled over and we saw a lady outside in her yard on the phone. We went up and started talking with her her name is Maria. She met missionaries a long time ago and is very Catholic. We got her phone number and she said we can come back sometime. A couple days later we felt like we needed to go by and we are able to also meet with her ex-husband who was there. Complicated story, they are trying to get back together. There was a lot of arguing and it turned into a massive marriage counsel but it all turned out for the better. We invited them to come to church the next day and they brought their two 11 year old twins as well. Interesting thing is at church talks were focused right on them and how they can bring their family closer together through forgiveness and repentance. There were times that the speakers would say something and Elder Mingo and I would look at each other and be like fist bump. It was super cool to see how God has a plan for them. They ended up meeting with Bishop for about an hour while we took over priest Quorum. We have a return appointment with them this Wednesday. Love ya,
Elder Beckstead


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