June 18, 2018




Socorro New Mexico

Hey Family and Friends!
This we was pretty legit! We were all over the place!
We have an awesome investigator named Olivia. We have been teaching her for the last week and have met a couple of times. The first time we met was Monday night we taught the Restoration and really emphasized the importance of the Book of Mormon. We then met again on Friday and read some of the Book of Mormon with her. On Friday she was on 1 Nephi 5 which is awesome! She came to church on Sunday which was awesome, she loved it so much! After church We had lunch with them, they cooked us TBone steak! So good! We will be meeting with her again tonight! 
We have been putting our Area Book into the phones for about 2 hours every day. It is so long and frustrating! #GOBACKTOPAPER
I have a Facebook. I have been trying to figure out how to use it, its taking a while but i'm going places! 
One thing our Mission President has challenged us to do is use Family History when we talk to people on the street. While we were walking in an apparent complex trying to find someone we saw a guy who was trying to fix his vacuum! We went up and asked him if he needed any help fixing the vacuum. He said no. (everyone always tells us no when we try to help, which is probably a blessing because most times we have no clue how to help especially with a vacuum). We started talking to him about family's and causally brought up Family History and he was interested in learning more about his ancestors so we pull out our phone to pull of the Family History app and ooops.... Its not downloaded. We slowly started changing the subject and it turned into a really good talk. We are invited to come back this next weekend to teach his family. Miracles! 
On Wednesday we did service at a homeless shelter. We were able to help out in whatever way they needed for a couple hours. They really appreciated it. Its always nice to help out people who are really in need of help!
Saturday morning we went to Magdalene and did service for an older gentlemen. Cleaned his house and moved things around his farm. Ran into a rattlesnake and caught a lizard. 
There have been some rain storms here, so nice!
Got a flat tire so we are currently in Albuqueruqe fixing it then we will be going on a hike! 
Elder Beckstead


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