April 16, 2018


El Paso


Staying In El Paso for another one!:)

Hey Family and Friends!
Exciting news! I get to stay in El Paso for another Transfer! Elder Swinehart is being transferred to Estancia New Mexcio and my new companion is going to be Elder Jackman. I do not know to much about him but I have heard he is also from Oregon just like Elder Swinehart. Weird to think about... my first 2 companions are from Star Valley Wyoming and the next 2 are from Oregon. It must be a sign... 
This last week for one of our dinners the member took us out to eat at a very expensive stake house. Most expensive food I have ever seen! We were forced to order a bunch a food! It was so good! Blessings!
Fort Bliss is awesome! I love serving here so much! The members are awesome, the non members are legit, and the Fort is better then ever! Doing service at the USO is always something that I really look forward to! We have been able to find a couple new investigators over the last couple of weeks and are continuing to work with them! There are a lot of people always moving in and out.... we LOVE to do service!
1st Ward is doing great as well! We are also seeing a lot of success in this area!
El Paso has been insanely windy recently, there is a lot of dust in the air so my Allergies are going crazy! Thank you allergy medicine! 
Good Scripture!
Alma 42:15

15 And now, the plan of mercy could not be brought about except an atonement should be made; therefore God himself atoneth for the sins of the world, to bring about the plan of mercy, to appease the demands of justice, that God might be a perfect, just God, and a merciful God also.

Elder Beckstead
Sorry for the lack of pictures! 


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