July 3, 2017



El Paso

Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2017 at 11:26 AM
Subject: El Paso
Hey! Updates. We left the MTC at 3:30 am, rode the front runner to the airport. and got on the plane at 9:20 ish. It was way cool. First time in an airport. I got flagged by the machine so they had to pat me down. It was way funny. Took about an hour to fly to Albuquerque. When we got of the plane President Guffy was standing right there with the 2 Assistants to the president. We talked for a while then went and took a picture in front of the temple. Went back and ate really good food with Green Chili in it. The lunch and dinner were probably the best food I have ever had. It was a long day.
The next morning I found out where I was going to serve and who my trainer was going to be. I'm in El Paso, Texas and my companion is Elder Peck. We drove 5 hours down there. It was so long. Met up with my comp went and dropped my stuff of at the apartment and then went and met some of the ward. We had dinner with an older couple and the food was so spicy. But I ate it. First day was kinda a blur. 
We go for a run almost every morning and do some lifting. We eat breakfast/Get ready and then we go right into studies. I have been studying the BoM and the restoration. I have learned a lot. 
Our area is kinda dead. We have been doing a lot of finding and teaching members. Our focus has been on getting recent converts to the temple. We are lucky enough that we get to go to the temple with one of them this weekend. We are going to the Albuquerque Temple. 
We taught a family of 4 Saturday night. Invited them to come to church the next day and they did! They stayed for the whole 3 hours which was amazing. There are about 400 people in the Mesa ward. 200 people are active. 
I love this area. It gets very hot during the day. The people are amazing. The food is amazing. I love being a missionary. The Church is true. 


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