August 21, 2017




Elder Brad Halverson


So this week Im not really sure what to write about. It was a good week. We had zone conference where we discussed using the Book of Mormon. It was solid. I really love that book. Its pretty dope. You know I dont know where I would be without it. Ive been reading in the Old Testament lately and I can confidently say that up to where Im at (1 sam 17) that I have learned very little about God and Christ (Genesis and part of exodus are really where the doctrine is). Ive read the New Testament, and its super good, but dang the Book of Mormon. Its dope!
Well this week kind of went slow. I had a pretty humbling experience this week (I feel like I say that every week). We were on exchanges and we went to visit that investigator who lives like an hour and a half away and I kept feeling like we shouldn't go. I finally decided that we wouldn't go but we were going to go visit someone that was about half way. Well while we were there, we just happened to run into this guys brother-in-law that we were going to go see. The Brother in law told us to go so I was like yep sounds clear to me. But as we went I still didn't feel right about it, but I thought dang I wanna go and obviously God wants us to go... and... sure enough... he stood us up at his own house.... Yeah gotta listen to God the first time...
Well Things out here are awesome! Love you guys


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