August 7, 2017




Elder Brad Halverson

1 year down

I dont know quite what to say. Im finally beginning to know what people mean when they say they dont feel like they have enough time. It feels like you have forever and then it creeps up on you. I still feel like I have forever, but in the same breath, I just do not have enough time. This has most definately been one of the craziest years of my life, and Ive done a lot of crazy things. In the 6 years since graduating high school, I joined the Army, learned to interrogate, went to a language school and nearly failed, worked for the World Health Organization, gained a lot of weird information on international affairs, had many good friends pass away,  made other incredibly dear friends, developed a lust for adventure thats near insatiable, lost my testimony, found it again, and had a whole lot of other experiences that I could go on and on about, and yet I can confidently say that this has been the best year for my life. It hasnt been easy and often it hasnt been fun, but I absolutely adore my mission. I have learned more about my life and my relationship with others, Ive learned what kind of leader, father, and person I want to be. I know who Heavenly Father knows that I am. I know that he lives and loves us and that more than anything in our lives, our service to God and our fellow men will bring us joy and happiness that transcends this life. I dont really know how or what to say other than Im so grateful.


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