July 23, 2017




Elder Van De Graaff

2 hour bike rides

This week has been the slowest week in Hualian for sure!!! We got 4 train tickets for transfers, but we dont know who is leaving until wednesday! We know one person is leaving for sure because she is going home, and then another will probably leave because he has been here for awhile, but after that, its all up in the air. There could be a ton of different scenerios, including either me or elder van de graaff leaving. I really dont want to leave, and Id be bummed if he left, so its been stressful haha. 
We had a huge bike ride to the prettiest part of the prettiest part of Taiwan (hualian). It took us two hours to get there and we were so dehydrated by the end, but it was so worth it because we got to meet with a really awesome guy who wants to keep learning about God. Hopefully this week we can include his wife. 
On thursday night we had a moment where we realized what we have been doing just isnt working. We decided to scrap all the plans that we had been working with this transfer and made new ones. We were spending too much time travelling so we decided to grid out our map into 9 sections and focus on just those areas we were in for the day. Well it was super cool because we found an area that we've passed a million times, but have never actually been in, and it was full of Bed and Breakfasts. The owners that were there, were so used to random strangers, that they were totally comfortable inviting us in and talking to us! They all invited us to come back! We plan on using that area more effectively because there is tons of potential! It was exciting. 
Probably my favorite part of this week was one night we were sitting inside a 7/11 making some phone calls, and a drunk dude tried to give us chips through the window. I wonder if he knew there was glass between us haha. 
I also had a person revelation moment this week. I have been impatient on some stuff and rather frustrated, but I realized that even though I thought I was waiting on God's time, I really wasnt, and that I needed to put those things on the backburner so that I could focus on what God actually wanted me to do! As soon as I decided to do that, I actually realized how distracted I really was by this rather unimportant question. It was super interesting.
I also started the Book of Mormon again. This time I am taking one of those really cheap copies, and I wrote one question in the front. My question is "Is the Book of Mormon true, and what does that mean to me." I have highlighted everything that I feel like applies to that question, as well as wrote a note near that highlight about why I thought it applied. I have only read to half way through the introduction, and I have learned SO MUCH!!! It makes me feel a little dumb that Ive never seen those things before because Ive read the Book of Mormon several times. It just goes to show that the Spirit is there, because whenever I have those facepalm moments about stuff that I should have known and make perfect sense, its how I know Im learning from the Spirit haha.  Im stoked about this, particularly because, I believe it was Elder Bednar, said that if you take a cheap copy of the BOM with 1 question and do this for the rest of your life, they will become one of your greatest treasures in life, and you will have an answer for everything!
Love you guys!!! 


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