July 9, 2017




Elder Van De Graaff

Hualian is like a dream!

So this week was pretty sweet!!! We went on exchanges and I was lucky enough to go to a little tiny town called Fenglin. Its awesome. The missionary I was with, Elder Johnson, Has been there for about 6 months and he knew everyone. It was ridiculous. We were the only white people, and everyone knew us. It was awesome! They were so friendly and everyone waved at us as we would pass by. My absolutely favorite moment was when we saw this OLD grandma filling a tub of water. We went over to help her and she didn't speak a lick of mandarin! She only spoke Taiwanese. She was getting ready to wash some peanuts that she had just harvested. So we had the fun opportunity of forcing our help on her while she just sat and giggled. It was super cute to watch this 90+ year old woman work super hard and then when the only white guys within 40 minutes who cant speak to her at all, start trying to help, she just starts cracking up! It was so fun! 
Can I just say that I am sick of dogs? The dogs in the more rural parts of our area are the worst! They travel in packs and they are so (wow I cannot come up with the translation for the word that I want to use)... they are punks. 
So Hualien has the prettiest clouds that anyone will ever see ever in there entire lives ever. They look absolutely unreal! Not only are they insanely gorgeous, but they often have lightning arcing through them. At least once a week there is an electric storm. It doesn't rain, just lightning. Its incredible! 
This week I have been evaluating a lot about myself. I have had the constant thought "What do I need to sacrifice now to reach the next level." Its an interesting process going through who you are as a person and trying to decide what you need to give up to the Lord. Its also a little overwhelming because Ive realized Ive got a long ways to go haha. I realized though, that recognizing all of these things is a  super good thing. It means that I know the direction I need to move in in order to become who God wants me to be! Its awesome!!! :) Its fun to ask people on the street what they think about change. I get the same answer EVERY time. They tell us that its not easy. Well they are 100%  right, but through the Atonement its a ton easier, and a lot more worth it! :)
Love ya'll!


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