June 18, 2017




Elder Van De Graaff


So I was transferred to the most coveted place in all of Taiwan! Hualien is absolutely beautiful. The view from the apartment is crazy! We have a beautiful view of the mountains, and can see the ocean! The work here is most definitely slower though. There aren't that many people. On top of that, we are whitewashing in, so me and my companion have no idea whats going on. Its super funny haha. He is way cool though. His name is Elder Van De Graaff, and we are going to have tons of fun this transfer. Our ward is also amazing! Its funny because there is a family here that comprises most of the ward leadership, and like half the ward. Its not a huge ward, and like 2/3 are women, so the Bishop, his first counsellor, the young mens president, the young womens president, and the High Priest Group leader are all from the same family. Then our Ward Mission leader is also our Elders Quorum President haha. He is a total stud! He told the bishop that the only way he would be Elders Quorum President, is if he could stay the WML. He is on fire, and he is 25 and has only been a member for a year! He is so freaking cool!!!!!!
Well I'll probably have more to write on next week, but please pray for me... I'll need it. 


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