May 7, 2017


Zhong Li District, Taoyuen


Elder Gibson


Well its the beginning of a new transfer and shoot Im excited! President stacked the team here in Zhongli and honestly Im really intimidated! Its pretty cool. I think everyone will slay it this transfer. My new companion is Elder Zach Gibson. He is super shuai. He just got out of training, but he is a stud. He is going to wear me out this transfer. I really look forward to it. We are probably one of the oldest foreign companionships in the mission. He is 20 and Im about 24. 
So this week was a freaking incredible one! Two people we have been working with for 3 months were finally baptized!!! They have had some many ups and downs and even got married so that they could be baptized, but through it all they always said that "[they] were just facing trials from the Lord to prepare [them] for baptism." They really are incredible people.  We gave their amazing, beautiful, incredible, super cute daughter, whom I am in love with, a copy of the Book of Mormon Stories for her 8th birthday last Sunday. She told us that she has read the whole thing 3 times now. She has had it for a week now and she's read it 3 times! Her Mom says she reads it every night. Gosh I love her haha. She will be getting baptized in 2 weeks. 
Another wonderful thing that happened, was right after the baptism, I got a phone call from missionaries in my last area. They said that Anne, one of my old English class students, is getting baptized this Saturday and she wants me to baptize her. Its amazing because I dont really know what I did for her. We would talk after English class and one time after telling me a possession story (which arent super uncommon) about one of her friends, I asked her why she worshiped something so evil. She told me "you know maybe youre right." I just did my best to get the sisters to meet with her, but it goes to show that when we love a person, that it leaves a lasting effect. I honestly assumed she had forgotten about me. Im so excited for her!!!
I am very much so looking forward to the next  6 weeks :)


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