April 30, 2017


Zhong Li District, Taoyuen


Elder Davis


The last couple of weeks Ive been a little frustrated. Things that are out of my control have been stressing me out, and its made me kind of negative. Well thats dumb. With finals for the colleges and high schools, its been rough to meet with people and finding has been pretty slow but thats ok. I think that one of the biggest things that I am learning out here is patience. Patience with myself, my companion, those around me, and most importantly the Lord. I think as we expect things to work out for us, and for the Lord to lead and guide us, that we will find our lives are so much happier and purpose filled. I know that I feel that right now. The Lord wont let us fail. Success may be different than we expect, but it will always come when we rely on God. 
So as for this week, its been short but we had a very happy moment last night. Our family that we love so freaking much, finally had their baptismal interview! They will be baptized this Saturday and then 2 weeks later their daughter will be baptized. We hadnt talked to them in quite some time, because they went out of town for their wedding, then they had a house fire and so they've been working really hard to get that taken care of. Well we got to meet with them last night and it was so great. Their daughter is adorable. She just turned 8 and she is amazing. Every time we teach them, she gets out her copy of the Book of Mormon and follows along even though she cant really understand what she is reading at all. So for her birthday last week, we got her a copy of the Book of Mormon Stories and she was so excited. I wouldnt be one bit surprised if she finished it. That girl loves the gospel, and she understands them really well. The most frustrating thing about her is I cant give her a hug haha. I love her so much! 


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