April 17, 2017


Zhong Li District, Taoyuen


Elder Davis

Resurrection Day (Easter's literal chinese translation is VERY literal)

This week has been super awesome! We've seen some pretty sweet miracles, and we learned a ton! Elder Davis and I were kind of in the habit of sleeping in, it varied from 10 minutes to 2 hours, which is really not good. We decided that that needed to change, and as soon as we started being obedient again, we saw huge miracles. We found some incredible investigators, we have both felt happier, and more confident as missionaries. We even seem to be working together better. Its amazing how key obedience is! Be obedient!!! 
Elder Davis is also a mind wizard. We were talking about my pride and he brought up how he wondered if a lot of my pride was fear of seeming or being weak. My mind was totally blown. He hit the nail right on the head, at least for a portion of my pride. I thought it was incredibly enlightening. I have no idea what to do about that, but it was pretty neat haha.
So Im probably going to be melting soon. I though Id say my goodbyes now. It is already very hot... and all we keep hearing from Taiwanese people and missionaries who have been here longer is "just wait for summer." Its very encouraging haha. 
We had some pretty special experiences which just lead me to believe even stronger that the Lord will put us exactly where he wants us. It was 8PM and we decided that we didnt have enough time to follow through with our original plan which would have required us to go on train for like a half hour. We prayed, and then picked a random spot on the map and went there. Elder Davis has hard time with directions, so it is typically up to me to get us to places. Well I knew the place we were going, but for some reason, I read the map wrong and thought we could go a different way. Well it turns out that we couldnt. I was kind of frustrated because we had to turn around back to the main road so that we could get to where we wanted to go. When we got to the main road we had to stop at the light. Just across the street was a guy we have been teaching for months who had told us that he didnt want to come to church and had stopped texting us back. Well we talked with him for a little bit, and walked with him home and invited him to come back to church. He said maybe, which typically always is just a polite way of saying no here in Taiwan. The next day was Sunday, and he came. Afterwards a member showed us his post on facebook. This guy said that he has been incredible stressed and unhappy because of a test he is going to take soon. He said that as soon as he came to church he felt peace again. He said in the post "Im so glad that I went to church, Its been all rain, and now there are clear skies." I feel like its pretty special that I get to be part of the Lord's work and that despite all of my many weaknesses and doubts, he will still work through me.


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