April 10, 2017


Zhong Li District, Taoyuen


Elder Davis


Hello All!!!! This week has been quite the interesting one! It seems that everyone is now having to take care of someone with a crazy thing going on in their life. Yesterday the sisters met woman who walked into the Chapel and asked if she could be baptized. Usually when that happens, we assume the people are crazy. She didnt come off as crazy, but she was in such a destitute state, that she was looking for a second hand shop to sell her shoes so she could eat. She was very hopeful that the Lord would bless her with finding a job that day though. Its bad, because Ive become very skeptical of people who are eager to accept the gospel because we deal with a lot of crazies. That being said, I hope she isnt, because people really do come down on hard times and I believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ really will bless and uplift their lives!
This week was a pretty neat week for another reason as well. After months of praying and pondering a question concerning the Savior, the answer that came was strange. I could list of a number of reasons why we need the Savior, but my knowledge was merely information in my head and not testimony in my heart. Its difficult to explain better than that, but I had a moment yesterday where my understanding was opened. It no longer was facts on a page, but a reality. It no longer was something I read, but something I lived. It was a moment that I hope I never forget because I finally understood what John meant when he said "we love Him, because He loved us first." It always strikes me as interesting how long God makes me wait for my answers and the incredibly simple ways that he answers our prayers. He knows me pretty well haha
Well I love you guys! Hope everything is going well and Im praying for all of you!


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