April 2, 2017


Zhong Li District, Taoyuen


Elder Davis

Growth Comes Through Resistance

This week has been quite the adventure! It never ceases to amaze me the types of experiences we have on missions. No other place would I be able to meet, help, and be entrusted with the types of things that we encounter on the mission. People expect us to be able to help with crazy situations. I have dealt with AIDS, abuse, mental health, drugs and the legalities of being deported and losing their children. Although its crazy, its an incredible opportunity to help people feel hope and joy in there life again. 
I had a friend who went less active right after his mission because he felt like he didn't have a testimony. I asked him if he felt like he had wasted 2 years. He told me that no matter what he felt about God and religion, that he knew he had made people's lives better. Now there aren't many religions that demand as much piety for the normal member than our church. Why is that? Its because growth comes through resistance. CS Lewis said progress can only be made into a resisting material. Growth isn't easy, but if it were why would we need the Gospel? One of the things that convinces me that the Gospel is true, is because of what it does to those who follow it. It, however slowly or quickly, changes people into what I imagine looks very similar to who God is. Sometimes missions are hard, but I know that I wont ever regret this period in my life. 


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