March 27, 2017


Zhong Li District, Taoyuen


Elder Davis


So this week has been a really interesting one. A companionship in our district has been complaining of feeling pretty sick and worried they were getting bronchitis for like 2 weeks, when finally they figured out it was mold. We realized that the symptoms that they had been feeling, were the exact symptoms that Elder Davis, and me to a much lesser extant, were feeling. We decided to do a search for mold and boy did we find it. We thought that the tops of our closets were dusty... they werent... they were moldy. The insides of our closets also had mold growing in them. I had thought that it was just water marks on the closet door because thats where I hung my towel. Wiping it off, it was very evident that it wasnt water... it most definately threw mold spores into the air. We also checked our pillows... yep... I knew this apartment was ghetto, but I didnt realize how bad haha. So we busted out the bleach and went to town on everywhere we could find. We bought new pillows and have left our windows open for like the last threw days. Elder Davis is still pretty sick, but we dont know if its mold related or if he is actually sick because he is way worse than me. 
We also had transfers this week, and Elder Davis and I will be staying together for one more transfer. We are hoping to see some miracles this transfer, some of our investigators need some. We have a family where all three of the kids, 12, 15, and 16, all love the gospel and really want get baptized, but the Mom is only mildly interested, and we've never even met the Dad. The biggest problem is that they live really far from the church, so the kids cant come unless their mom will take them. Another one of our investigators is the sweetest mom. She is so grateful for the Gospel, because her husband hasnt lived up to being a good husband or Dad, and because she is from China, if they get a divorce, she will be deported and will lose her kids. She is miserable right now, and the moment we introduced the gospel, she knew that she needed it. 
Being a missionary is not easy. We get rejected SEVERAL times a day, and occasionally we find people who are willing to listen. These people seem golden, and then they never answer our calls, or talked to their christian friends about us and heard bad things and tell us to not call them again. These things are not fun, but the hardest thing for me, is knowing peoples struggles, and not being able to do more. It sucks... I am so happy that I can bring them the gospel though, because I know that no matter what trial they are facing, it will truly bless their lives. Its a blessing to be able to bring light and hope into peoples lives. 


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