February 27, 2017


Zhong Li, , Taiwan


Elder Davis

We've been called to lead, and sent to gather. So bare your teeth and sharpen your claws.

This week has been kind of a rough one. We saw some pretty solid miracles, but ill be real, its been cold and rainy and Elder Davis and I are really not loving being soaked out in the cold. Its hard to stay enthusiastic when your pants wouldnt be wetter if you submerged them...
So there is a family that is a part member family and they are the sickest member missionaries ever! The dad who is in his 60s has asked that all of his kids take the lessons from the missionaries and that they set a baptismal date to prepare for. He said if they arent ready by the date that its ok if they dont, but he wants them all to learn for themselves if its true or not. Well we are currently preparing his daughter, her future husband, and their daughter, to be baptized!!! They are so excited to have an eternal family and the way they talk about the gospel is incredible. So humble and willing! I am incredibly privileged to get to see the gospel bring a family together. Not only that, but that I will probably get to go to their sealing in a year. That has been my #1 mission dream since Ive come here. I was super bummed to move from San Chong, but I know that the Lord is answering my prayer and allowing me to be apart of this families amazing road that they are on. 


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