February 20, 2017


Zhong Li District, Taoyuen


Elder Davis

Zhong Li

So this area is really interesting. I still really miss my super nice apartment, but I feel like this companion and I are going to be able to really push each other to do some awesome things in the area. Im excited. \
We are teaching This adorable family. I absolutely love them. Every time we see them their 7 year old daughter is way excited to see us and its incredible to see them grow in their faith. It makes me so grateful to be out here. 
I had two really interesting thoughts this week that I thought were really interesting. The first, is that if I got injured and had to go home, Id come back out (very different from 3 months ago), the second was that if an apostle left the church today, Id be way sad for him, but it wouldnt cause me to question what I believe. Isnt that a weird thought? I believe what I believe regardless of others and that includes the Apostles. I dont Know just about anything, but my seed of Faith is growing into a tree that I one day intend to build a tree house in. Feel free to quote me. Not really sure what the tree house represents, but its how I feel hahahaha.
Love you guys. Everyone who reads this, please pray for Blake. 


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