February 5, 2017


San Chong District, Taipei, Taiwan


Elder Petermann

God's Power is Real

This week was pretty good. It flew by!! I looked at my laundry bag 2 days ago and I was like didn't I just do laundry yesterday? I had thought the day before was Monday. We're still trying to get back into the swing of things after the schedule change and after the Holidays. I think that my comp and I have after holidays blues haha. Its just a little strange to have a completely open schedule again. 
This email is gonna be really short, but I had an interesting realization today. Most missionaries here in Taiwan agree that Daoism is evil. The stories of possession and other crazy stuff that members, investigators, and random people on the street have told me, leads me to completely agree. You can honestly feel it when you walk into an apartment building and someone is really devout. Well this week we went into an apartment and after the first door, which an old man opened and all the lights were off and the only thing that was producing light was the eerie red glow from their alter in their home. He told us no one was home and then shut the door and we were both like, dude this place sucks lets leave. Well I was thinking, why is it so much easier to recognize when something feels evil and to believe that it has real power? I feel like I accept so readily what is bad, but its so easy to doubt my own incredible religious experiences. Well I think that Satan wants us to recognize his power, but will do everything he can to distract and cause us to doubt Gods. Im don't want that anymore! God has way more power than anything that evil has!

Love you guys!


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