January 29, 2017


San Chong District, Taipei, Taiwan


Elder Petermann

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!!! Wow this week has been something else. Chinese New Year lasts a week and this whole week we've been fed twice a day!!! Good thing to because San Chong is a lot more expensive than Bade so Ive got to actually budget myself a lot stricter next month. 
So people have been using chinese new year as an excuse to not meet with us for the last 2 months and I am freaking stoked that its almost over. I always hear "oh call me after new years" and its like FETCH YOU DONT HAVE ANY PLANS!!! CAN YOU REALLY NOT SPEND 20 MINUTES FOR ETERNAL LIFE!!!! But they dont know so its chill. We'll get em in the end haha. 
So because we are struggling to meet with people lately, we have been doing a TON of finding. Well  one day we went to the park and saw a group of people under a bridge. I thought, "hmm theyre probably up to no good, we should go help them." Well we go over there and they all look pretty rough. It seemed pretty evident that they were Taiwanese Mafia (not as cool or dangerous as they sound dont worry. Taiwan is really safe. I doubt Ill ever even get robbed unfortunately) and they were super friendly! One was throwing up and they were sort of laughing about it and my first thought was that it was probably drugs. Well one said "he's sick" and I was like "oh bummer does he have the flu?" All 10 or 11 said "ummm yeah.." and then chuckled. Well then we started talking about Christ and they started crushing up some sort of crystal thing and then sorting it so we were like "hey we'd love to teach you about Christ and how he can help you have a better life. If you guys are interested here is the address to our Church." It was honestly super funny. I think the combination of being in Taiwan where even drunk people dont fight, and knowing that I was on the Lord's errand, made me feel pretty safe. Also I have this sort of masochistic desire to be persecuted for the sake of the Lord haha. (Mom dont worry Im being smart and trying to stay safe. Im not a dumb 19 year old. If anything is going to get me killed, its the traffic haha)
This week has been pretty special to me because we have met some pretty interesting people who have pretty special stories. We met a guy yesterday who shared about how he was amazed that Christ would give him the power to help so many people even though he only has an elementary school education. We shared the story of Joseph Smith and then told him we felt that God had arranged our meeting. He said he felt that way as well. We meet with him tuesday.
We met another person while knocking, and she was super friendly. She told us that she was Buddhist but that her kids were all Christian. I asked if we could meet with them and she said that they all lived nearby but that they had their own houses. She gave us their numbers and when we called one of her sons, he said that his mom needed to meet with us more than he did. I asked if he could help us share with his mom and he said that he would really like to and then thanked us. I honestly didnt expect it. I pray that we will actually be able to help this family be united for eternity. 


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