January 23, 2017


San Chong District, Taipei, Taiwan


Elder Petermann

Chinese New Year kuai dao le

So this one will be pretty short, but I have to say that im ready for Chinese New Year so come. First so that it can stop being an excuse for people to not want to meet with us, and second because we are going to get fed twice a day for a week!!! Its gonna be great! 
So we have  an investigator named Rex. He is 18 and been investigating for about a year and a half. He just says he isnt ready to get baptized. Well this kid is awesome! He asked us to call one of his friends and meet with him and make sure that he is doing ok, and he is  fellowshipping the heck out of another person who has came to church once, seemed uninterested, but they became really close friends. This person is now a progressing investigator and I feel like its in large part, because of Rex. He may not feel ready to be baptized, but he already knows that this gospel blesses lives and he is trying to share it as best as he can. I hope that we can all learn from Rex's example and know that sharing the gospel is an incredible gift to give people. They need us and it is our responsibility to share it. 


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