January 17, 2017


San Chong District, Taipei, Taiwan


Elder Petermann

High Energy/Member Work

So the last two weeks ive tried really hard to convince myself that Im stoked all the time. I actually have a list of affirmations that I repeat to myself all day. Well the fruits of my labors are paying off. I actually am starting to get anxious when Im not out sharing the gospel! I am absolutely exhausted at the end of every day, but I hate the idea of having an idle day. I think Id get depressed haha. Its been kind of a struggle with teaching lately, because people will set up with us and then not show up. We have been stood up like 12 times in the last 2 weeks...
So we decided that we needed to do this smarter. Just like President Monson said, Now is the time for members and missionaries to work together. We needed help and so who better to ask than the lovely members of the San Chong ward. They have already been such a huge support and help, and its only been 3 days since we've started emphasizing working with the ward.
Last night it actually provided us an opportunity for a miracle to happen. We met with a couple of members and shared a thought about prayer and then talked about helping them start sharing the gospel with their friends. Well the lesson was great, but after the lesson, we had about a half hour left in the night. We decided that in that half hour, we were going to set up someone on the street to meet with us (which we rarely do, its usually just "we'll keep in contact"). Well the first person we see we go up to and start talking. It turns out she grew up Jehovah's witness, but hadnt really believed in God since she was in middle school. We asked her if she had heard of the Book of Mormon. She said she hadnt. We explained where it came from and then asked her why she thought we needed two records to testify of Christ. She said she had no idea. We then asked her why she thought we needed 2 eyes and 2 ears. Her answer was perfect. She told us that its because it made it easier to understand and recognize things, and if you only had one, you might miss  something.We told her that was the exact reason for the 2 witnesses of Christ and that we needed the Book of Mormon. We then invited her to meet with us and she told us she had time on the weekends and suggested herself that we meet sunday. It was honestly a miracle! Its probably the second or third person ive set up on the street .


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