January 8, 2017


San Chong District, Taipei, Taiwan


Elder Petermann

Ice Cream Never Hurts

So this week has been pretty good! We are still trying to smooth out how to work together but Elder Petermann is super chill so its not very hard. We just want to be the best missionaries we can be.
This week we got stood up like 6 or 7 times which is incredibly draining. It made it hard to get motivated to get back to work. We figured we just need to have more solid back up plans to help get us back out the door. Also Ice Cream. Ice Cream never hurts.
A miracle we saw this week is we went up to a woman on a moped who was smoking and we asked her if she wanted to quit because smoking is bad for our health. I felt super weird asking her but I felt like I should. She told us that that day was the first day she had smoked in over a year. We then talked about how through the Atonement we can have lasting recovery and strength. She then told us she was Buddhist but that she wanted her kids to grow up Christian. We explained that not all Christian churches are the same and then told her that there was only one true church. She was fascinated and we got her number sent it to the missionaries in her city (she lived about 45 minutes away by highway). It was pretty neat to get to ask something super weird and immediately recongnize it as something that the Spirit had directed!
So my chinese is slowly taking over my English. Even while writing this email ive had to pause and think of the proper way to saw what im thinking in english and last night I told someone something in English and it was very, very broken. I had used a literal translation of something I say in Chinese all the time. It cracked me up
Anyway this one is going to be short. Love you all!


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