January 1, 2017


San Chong District, Taipei, Taiwan


Elder Petermann

New Years/ Transfers

 I got transferred to San Chong which is about 10 minutes by subway to get to down town Taipei. Its pretty sweet here. We have a gorgeous apartment and my companion, Elder Petermann, seems pretty cool. He actually was in my district when I was in Bade so I know him already. Im pretty excited to be here. We have a baptism on Friday and its so exciting. This guy is a doctor and he had to sacrifice nearly 1/3 of his salary in order to be able to get baptized because of certain issues, and although it was  a hard sacrifice, he is very willing. He said that he knows this is what he is supposed to do. 
One of the most special things about being a missionary, is seeing others testimonies grow and hearing the miracles that happen in their own lives. Its a special calling that has filled me with a lot of strength.
It has also been a lesson in following the Spirit. I wouldn't say that Im amazing at it, but as I have tried to do my best, I have seen the Lord work through me. Its pretty crazy to see things happen as immediate evidence of following the spirit. Im glad I get 2 years to be weird and follow what feels like "crazy whims" to actually learn how the spirit speaks to me. 
So its a new year and I decided that I didn't want to set any New Years resolutions, because I set and evaluate my goals every week and I do my best to change and grow everyday. I hope that you are all doing everything that you can do be more like the Savior everyday. I recently have been repeating several affirmations to help me become better (like 30 of them, probably overboard haha) and one of them is "I am becoming more like the Savior everyday." Having this serve as a reminder that I need to be becoming like the Lord every day has helped me see where I can change and how I can love and serve others better. I would encourage all of you to remember that we need to become more like Him everyday. 
Love you guys


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