December 25, 2016


Bade Dist, Taoyuan, Taiwan


Elder McPherson

Merry Christmas!

So this was a pretty weird Christmas. Ive lived away from home for awhile now, but this was the first Christmas Ive had to spend away from home. It was kind of a bummer because Christmas just isnt that big of a deal for the Taiwanese, but we did our best. My favorite part about Christmas day was that Elder Mcpherson and I went Christmas caroling at a pretty busy mall. I was honestly pretty nervous, but we stood up on a bench and sang for about 45 minutes. By the end our voices we shot (my comp is also a little town deaf so theres that) so we sounded pretty rough by the end, but it was so fun. It was probably the first time that I really felt the Christmas spirit. We even had a couple of people come up and thank us for sharing what Christmas was really about. It was pretty special for me to be able to sing about the birth of Christ for people who probably didnt even know why we have Christmas. 
Another miracle that I saw this week moved me so much that even thinking about it makes me tear up a little. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a guy who came to a lesson so drunk that he could hardly walk and talked about killing a man and being in the Mafia, well he called us a couple of weeks ago and we went to his house and met with him. He was still incredibly drunk, and after a pretty short time I felt moved to tell him that Christ had sent us to tell him that if he didnt stop drinking that he would be destroyed. We left pretty much immediately after that. Well we met with him this week and he was completely sober! He was looking for a new job so that he could come to church ever Sunday. He wants to be baptized more than anyone Ive ever met. This person has done a complete 180 and is truly repenting in sackcloth and ashes. I feel guilty because although I didnt assume that he was hopeless, I didnt think that would be able to change any time soon. I assumed we wouldnt teach him again and that some other time in his life he would be able to come to the Lord. He is currently scheduled for baptism in early February and he devours the scriptures.
All things are possible through Christ.
Merry Christmas,
Elder Sproul


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