December 18, 2016


Bade Dist, Taoyuan, Taiwan


Elder McPherson


Just so everyone knows, I love Christmas a lot. Its perfect too because  even though Taiwan doesnt have any snow, it makes up for it in extra air pollution. Its basically home haha. It does make me miss home pretty bad! 
So this week we was pretty good. We met some pretty cool people. It was pretty dang cold for most of the days this week but its back to beautiful outside. Im dreading the summer. It will be rough. Even the Locals here hate summer.... Yeah wish me luck.
So this week one of our investigators had his Baptismal Interview. This guy is incredibly prepared to be baptized. Last week, after a lesson with him, we saw a person that I had tried to contact the day before who was super stone cold. I had met her kids like 2 months ago and so I tried to talk to her and the only thing she said to me was "you can talk to my kids about whatever you have to say." Well we saw her with this investigator and i told him about it and he said "we have to atleast introduce ourselves and help her know that we represent Jesus Christ." It kind of floored me. This guy needs to serve a mission! Well he failed his interview because his job only will allow him to attend church occasionally. We are currently helping him figure out a game plan so that he can get baptized. 
This week has had a lot of learning opportunities and Im so grateful to be out here! 
Love, Elder Sproul


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