December 11, 2016


Bade Dist, Taoyuan, Taiwan


Elder McPherson

Missionary Impossible

Im honestly not sure what to write about this week. It was a pretty solid week but not a whole lot to note. I had alcohol for the first time this week. A member gave us some candy that her friend bought here from Japan. I had the mango flavor and it was super good. Well as soon as the member had some, her eyes got big, and asked another new convert if he thought it tasted like a specific type of alcohol. He was like "yeah actually it does, I used to drink that all the time." She looked at the ingredients, and sure enough, that type of alcohol was the main ingredient, and another type was like the second. It was super funny.
We also have tried to focus on contacting people more natural. Most initial contacts are just super awkward or feel forced, well we met these 2 people and started talking to them and then explained that we were missionaries. The girl was like "wow you guys are so natural. Most missionaries arent." It cracked us up. Im stoked to come home and be weird and unnatural with people!


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